Ethical dilemma discussion: What would you do?

For the past 10 months, your club has been working with local health care providers to plan a back-to-school health fair. The three-day event will provide free services such as physical exams, dental cleanings, and vision tests to families with children age 18 and younger. Six months ago, a donor pledged to pay for all the expenses associated with the fair and has been doing so each month. Unfortunately, the donor has encountered severe financial difficulty and can’t pay this month’s costs. The event is two months away, and many expenses will need to be paid in the coming weeks. What would you do?

3 thoughts on “Ethical dilemma discussion: What would you do?

  1. First I would reach out to my District Governor to see if there are any DDF reserves. Possibly pass the hat within the club.

  2. Hari Om Shrestha PHF+8 New Road City Kathmandu RC (2017-).& President 2000-01 Patan West RC Nepal D-3292 Nepal & Bhutan says:

    Should be deferred. Total dependency that also on one donor shouldn’t not be considered. Club should also contribute. It shouldn’t be monthly affairs and also focus to students only but senior citizens could be included. I have doubt if DDF would be available.

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