Five new Rotary Fellowships to join this year

By Service and Engagement Staff 

Rotary International is excited to announce the chartering of five new Rotary International Fellowships: Camping, Entrepreneurs, Kites, Military Veterans, and Vintage Collectables. Rotary’s more than 100 Fellowships provide members and friends the opportunity to unite globally around a common hobby, profession, or shared identity. Read more about our newest Fellowships, and explore the full list, to build your global community and make new friends across the world.  

Camping: The Rotary Fellowship of Camping fosters and promotes a passion for camping. Members are invited to participate in annual holidays while enjoying the great outdoors with fellow campers locally and globally.

Entrepreneurs: The Rotary Fellowship of Entrepreneurs supports and fosters entrepreneurship amongst liked minded members from across the globe. The Fellowship offers business exchange programs, skills development workshops, and a platform to share best practices. The Fellowship also plans to help support start-ups and small businesses facing challenges. 

Kites: The Rotary Fellowship of Kite brings together Rotary members and friends with a passion for making and flying kites. Members of the Fellowship build strong bonds by organizing and attending kite festivals around the world.  

Military Veterans: This Rotary Fellowship for Military Veterans invites all veterans/active service members worldwide, their family members, and friends to build a global network of military veterans and families.  

Vintage Collectables: Vintage Collectable Rotary Fellowship is an organization of Rotary and non-Rotary members who have a passion for collecting, restoring and using vintage collectables.  

Read stories from Rotary Fellowships to learn more about their activities. Contact one of these groups through their website to get involved, or review our full list of Rotary Fellowships by visiting to find ones that match your interests.  

2 thoughts on “Five new Rotary Fellowships to join this year

  1. Good morning – the link to the entrepreneur RAG doesn’t seem to be working – I would like to join

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