Applauding outstanding service in Rotaract

By Molly Friend, Rotary Programs for Young Leaders

Rotary International is thrilled to showcase Rotaract service projects from around the world for the 2022 Rotaract Outstanding Project Awards. The awarded projects were evaluated by RI’s Rotaract Committee and RI staff for their sustainability, impact in Rotary’s areas of focus, project promotion, and collaboration with local organizations and Rotary clubs. All nominated projects show how Rotaractors are applying their skills and expertise to address issues in their local and international communities. Five submissions were selected as the best projects in their regions, as well as the two top honors—the international single-club award and the international multi-club award.

International single-club awardee

The 2022 Rotaract Outstanding Project Awards recognized the Rotaract Club of Ponta Grossa-Sabara, Brazil with the highest honor, the International Single-Club award. Their project “Raízes do Brasil” demonstrates how clean energy practices can positively benefit social causes. The club launched a comprehensive fundraising strategy, including hosting a concert, to purchase and install solar panels at a local addiction recovery center. The solar panels resulted in cost-savings for the recovery center allowing them to welcome 12 more people needing assistance at a time when alcoholism was rising due to the pandemic.

International multi-club awardee

The International Multi-Club project award went to the following Rotaract clubs from Districts 9214 and 9213, Uganda:  Bwebajja, Kasese, Nansana, Nkumba Stewards and Rubaga. Their project “Mentor Me Series-Youth Economic Empowerment” provided 40 young people with ongoing mentorship from Rotaractors. With the goal of developing youth entrepreneurs, the mentorship program provided knowledge and skills to start small businesses. Currently, two youth-owned, small businesses have been created thanks to this project.

The following clubs also earned awards for the best service projects in their regions:

Latin America
The Rotaract Club of São Caetano do Sul-Olímpico, Brazil aided 20 pregnant young women through their multi-tiered project “Doce Esperança 2.0 – Maternidade Adolescente.” During pregnancy, the young women received access to medical and psychological support and participated in job training workshops to start their own candy-making small businesses. The candy businesses create a source of income to help support their growing families.

Asia Pacific region
The Rotaract Club of Muntinlupa Central, Philippines created a unique oral health awareness campaign aimed at children aged 6-9 years old with the project “Super Pinoy Kid Promotes Oral Health: Ngiting Puting Ngipin!” Through a series of print and video comics produced by the club, Super Pinoy Kid introduced the importance of dental care to over 600 children.

South Asia region
The “Pavithra-Green Print” project from the Rotaract Club of Centennial United, Sri Lanka aimed to address adverse impacts of climate change with specific efforts to improve marine and coastal ecosystems. The multi-phase project, in consultation with local environmentalists, involved planting 500 mangrove saplings, introducing new coral species to enhance coral reef cover, and activating a social awareness campaign on conserving Sri Lankan coastal regions.

Central Asia, Europe, Middle East
The Rotaract Club of Istanbul-Galatasaray, Turkey increased inclusivity for people with disabilities in Rotary and their local communities through the project “7 Umut (Hope).” The project provided trainings to individuals with disabilities and their families to increase their quality of life and trained Rotary, Rotaract, and Interact clubs in District 2420 on disability rights to encourage inclusion in their clubs. The project culminated with the creation of a mentorship program in which participants with disabilities were able to serve as mentors for others with disabilities.

The Rotaract Club of Universitaire Millenium, Senegal created an “Awareness campaign on violence against women and girls” to stop the increasing violence against women within their community. The campaign encouraged men to be allies in the cause and gained publicity through a peaceful march, a conference, and television appearances.

(There was no regional winner from the Canada, Caribbean, and United States region this year.)

Learn about ways to increase the impact of your Rotaract service projects with resources from Rotary International.

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