Ethical dilemma discussion: What would you do?

For the upcoming year, one of your club’s goals is to engage more young professionals. You’ve decided to host a mentorship meet and greet between current members of your club and community members who are just starting their careers. Some club members want to host the event in person to make it easier to network, shake hands, and make a personal connection. Plus, your club meets in person each week, so you could host the event at your normal meeting time. However, others want to host the event virtually, since it is more convenient and flexible which will encourage young professionals to attend. You want this event to be rewarding for current club members and the young professionals and hopefully attract new members to your club. What would you do?

Career mentors connect with professionals during a mentoring event held in Chicago, Illinois, United States in 2019.

5 thoughts on “Ethical dilemma discussion: What would you do?

  1. ninguna de las dos deben ser un impedimento… se debería realizar una reunión de forma hibrida, de manera que se complazca a todos los participantes y todos puedan asistir.

  2. Definitely face-to-face if that is the way the Club usually functions. Best to have it as a separate event to give time for mixing and conversation.
    If you find that many want virtual meetings then you have to decide if that is the direction you want your Club to go. However, most Clubs only need e few new members each year assuming your retention is good so you can perhaps be choosy

  3. Organize a hybrid set-up. A little tedious but can be done. Engage both in-person and virtual participants by giving them roles in the program but apply some creativity to make it fun and exciting.

    For the in- person attendees- it’s best to set-up a big screen for everyone to see.
    For the virtual attendees- send food to them so when fellowship starts, they have something to munch too.

  4. Occasional meetings in person is rewarding to maintain a personal touch with each other. It also gives a better option to have informal friendly chats with each other. Especially, if it is the first meeting with young leaders, then it is even far better to get acquainted with each other to start with and build confidence by knowing each other well. But, if for some reasons some of the members cannot be present in person, arrangement can made for them to attend by arranging a hybrid meeting this meeting both kind of needs.

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