Rotary members gathered in Italy for the 12th Multi-Club Workshop

By Leonardo de Angelis, Member of Rotary Club Ravenna, Italy and Coordinator of the Multi-Club Workshop

The 12th Multi-Club Workshop (MCW) in Italy brought together over 200 Rotary members representing 72 clubs from eight districts across six countries. Each year, the Multi-Club Workshop brings together members to propose and plan projects to implement together, while promoting fellowship and an opportunity to experience a new culture together.

Thanks to the support of the current District 2120 Governor, Donato Donnoli, we were able to organize a four-day event for our Rotary friends and partners from various Italian regions and abroad: Germany, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. During our stay in Matera and our visit to Grumentum, Val d’Agri, members from the local Rotary clubs and the D2120 showed us great hospitality.

The Multi-Club Workshop kicked-off with DG Donnoli talking about how the event helps build bridges of solidarity. This was followed by Rotarians presenting Global Grants and Non Profit Organizations. But, the most interesting part of the workshop was when club representatives presented their projects in an effort to find support from participants of the MCW.

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Exhibited projects with varying local needs will be implemented in communities in Burundi, Ethiopia, Italy, Russia, Spain, and Uganda. The total value of the projects is US $612,000. These figures highlight the success and growth of the MCW. From the first workshop in 2006 to the most recent one this past September, the 64 projects have been presented at MCW events with a combined value of more than US $3.8 million.

Later that afternoon, participants discussed the eight projects and voted on which ones to further support. The three selected projects were:

  • Project UBUNTU-PV in Burundi to produce of solar panels in an effort to provide energy that could help boost the economy. The project also aims to empower young entrepreneurs to support economic development in impoverished communities by training them on manufacturing, installing and maintaining solar panels to encourage small business development. (US $76,000)
  • Kids Aid on the Wheels – Mobile Health Center in Ulyanovsk, Russia to provide healthcare services in hard to reach areas. (US $81,430)
  • SITAM Institute in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to provide vocational training to young women. (US $54,000)

In addition to the contributions these projects received from clubs and districts, each of the three projects will receive US $1,000 from the Multi-Club Workshop team.

The 12th Multi-Club workshop ended with representatives from the Rotary Club of Moscow International proposing to host the 13th edition of the MCW in September 2019 in Moscow, Russia. Everyone applauded this choice and exchanged banners, flowers and gifts under the flashing lights of many cameras.

You can find more details and pictures of this successful event in the 12° MCW section of our website.

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