Celebrate International Day of Peace – and support girl empowerment!

By Fergal McCarthy, Peace Programs Manager 

To mark International Day of Peace on 21 September, we are focusing on girl empowerment one of RI President Shekhar Mehta’s presidential initiatives.  

Equality is a fundamental human right, and a key element of many of the eight pillars of positive peace.  It’s a prerequisite for the creation of a more peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world.  Yet still today, girls and young women across the globe continue to endure inequities in all parts of life – from health, to education, to access to resources.  They are also more likely to experience significant levels of violence and disproportionate poverty, especially in times of crisis or conflict.  The United Nations statistics reinforce the importance of this issue.   

To celebrate International Day of Peace, we are highlighting initiatives created by members of the Rotary peacebuilding community. 

Rotary Peace Fellow Amanda Luz is passionate about empowering a new generation of women through Líderes do Futuro, an online learning platform for girls to learn leadership and advocacy skills through storytelling. The platform helps girls create empowering stories, while connecting with others and learning together as a community.

Rotaractor and Rotary Positive Peace Activator Sofía Brega works with the club-based organization Girl Up that helps grow young girls into leaders. Sofía founded the first Girl Up club in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico– Girl Up Fronterizas. The club focuses on women’s rights and raises awareness of current challenges for women in Mexico and beyond. The club also helps girls develop leadership, communication, and negotiation skills.

How can you get involved in girl empowerment? 

  • Read about Rotary’s Presidential Initiatives, and download the Empowering Girls brochure and the Rotary Youth Protection guide
  • Consider dedicating your Rotary Day of Service to a project or an initiative that focuses on girl empowerment. 
  • Inspire others by posting your project to the Rotary Girl Empowerment campaign on Rotary Showcase. Remember to use the tag ‘EmpoweringGirls2021’ or ‘EG2021’.  

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