Rotary’s relentless commitment to fighting diseases

By RI Staff

This December, Rotary’s Disease Prevention and Treatment Month, we are celebrating our devotion to fight diseases and create healthier communities around the world. 

Rotary’s commitment to expand access to health services and prevent the spread of diseases continues to grow as our members support polio eradication efforts, organize projects around screenings and interventions for HIV/AIDS, malaria, COVID-19, and more. Thanks to the dedicated support of Rotary members and our partners, Africa was certified free of the wild poliovirus in August. The polio eradication infrastructure that our members helped build has also been leveraged to effectively address COVID-19 through strengthened health systems, surveillance and contact tracing. Our members’ efforts continued in enhancing local health infrastructures, improving the capacity of healthcare professionals, and offering programs that provide free healthcare in communities that need them most.

The Rotary Foundation data verifies our members’ increasing dedication to fighting and preventing diseases. Since 2014, 3694 disease prevention and treatment grants totaling USD $271 million were awarded by The Rotary Foundation. Our members’ TRF-funded activities in this area of focus continue to grow year over year.

The Rotary Foundation quickly adopted sustainable ways to support our members’ activities to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, support health care workers, and care for those who have been affected. Since the start of the global pandemic, TRF has awarded 319 disaster response grants and 356 global grants to support projects addressing COVID-19. The grants amount to US $30.9 million dollars in support for pandemic-related projects led by clubs and districts, made possible through your generous contributions.

As you recommit your efforts to building healthier communities, Rotary’s numerous resources may help you along the way:

  • Rotary Showcase highlights thousands of projects our members undertook around the world to support heathier communities. Review completed projects for inspirational ideas to make an impact in disease prevention and treatment or find a project to support.
  • By leveraging their expertise, passion, and global network, 13 of 26 Rotary Action Groups provide support to clubs and districts in planning and implementing impactful projects in many sub-areas of disease prevention and treatment. Tap into the expertise and networks of Rotary Action Groups when you plan your projects targeting HIV/AIDS, diabetes, mental health, opioid addiction, eye health, hearing health, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and more. Visit each group’s website to learn about the support it offers and to connect.      
  • Join the Disease Prevention and Treatment Discussion Group on My Rotary to learn from experts and exchange more project ideas with fellow Rotarians.

Looking to start a new project? Review Community Assessment Tools to undertake an assessment and work with the community to identify where your support is most needed.

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