Attend the Multi-Club Workshop in Moscow

By Philippe Cohen, Treasurer of Rotary Club of Moscow International, Russia and Coordinator of the 13th Multi-Club Workshop

Dear Rotary friends,

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to the 13th edition of the Multi-Club Workshop (MCW), which will be held from 3 to 8 September in Moscow, Russia. The 13th MCW is coordinated jointly by Leonardo de Angelis from the Rotary Club Ravenna and the Rotary Club of Moscow International.

I am pleased to share background and information about the Multi-Club Workshop:

Philosophy: We are a group of Rotarians, community members, professionals, and good-willed people who wish to serve others by taking concrete steps. We want to improve the lives of people in need, particular children. In 2006, during a meeting with Italian and Swedish Rotary clubs, our idea for a Multi-Club Workshop was born: an annual meeting meant to develop friendships among people and promote humanitarian projects that we could implement together.

Mission: Through our common work, we strengthen our fellowship and promote new relationships. We combine cultural discoveries by exploring the cities where each MCW is hosted with convivial meetings where humanitarian projects sponsored by Rotary clubs from different countries are presented.

What happens at the workshop? Representatives from the different participating Rotary clubs present a project they are hosting or supporting. Usually a maximum of eight projects are presented to allow efficient time to review each project. MCW attendees then we vote to select support the projects which seem most relevant to all clubs. The attending Rotary clubs commit to financially support a project or sometimes multiples projects, subject to the approval of their Board. The main idea is then to create awareness about the projects seeking international support, and promote networking between clubs in order to effectively implement those projects.

History: Since 2007, we have held a Multi-Club Workshop every year in a different European city. More than 900 Rotarians and relatives representing many clubs, districts and nations have attended the various workshops. Over the past 12 years, MCW participants have supported 64 projects collectively totaling approximately USD $3,800,000.

After the first Multi-Club Workshop was hosted in Stockholm in 2007, subsequent workshops were hosted in  Bari, Riga, Ravenna, Malmö, Manfredonia, Belgrade, Ischia, Saint-Petersburg, Palermo, London, and Matera. We look forward to exploring Moscow together, building new friendships and relationships between Russian and international clubs for partnership on service projects, and promoting Rotary in Russia!

We hope to meet you in September in Moscow! More details and registration information is available online.

3 thoughts on “Attend the Multi-Club Workshop in Moscow

  1. Good day dear Philippe Cohen;

    Many thanks for extending this Letter of Invite. Can one send in entries, if his schedules will not permit his physical appearance?

    I enlist your cooperation.

    Best regards and bye now.


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