Sprinting into action

By Lutz Bachmann, president of the International Marathon Fellowship of Rotarians (IMFR) and member of The Rotary E-Club of London Centenary On 17 November, 2018, my alarm clock went off at 05:30 reminding me it’s race day! I quickly got up, ate my pre-packed breakfast and changed into my running gear to meet my friends … More Sprinting into action

Providing service through Rotary Fellowships

By Ralf Ludewig, Rotary Club of Bad Kissingen, Germany, and Chair of the Fellowship of Rotarian Marathon Runners The Fellowship of Rotarian Marathon Runners (IMFR) was founded in France in 2006. The initial idea for forming the fellowship came after the very first group of Rotarian runners formed a team that took part in the Paris … More Providing service through Rotary Fellowships