Ethical dilemma discussion: what would you do?

One of your club members, a well-known local business owner and a strong advocate of your club’s service projects, is going through a tough business transition and has made drastic financial decisions, in turn adversely impacting many of her clients. Community members are questioning her integrity as a business owner and her interest in improving the … More Ethical dilemma discussion: what would you do?

Ethical dilemma discussion: what do you think about Rotary as a means for business?

Every so often, the question of using Rotary as a means for personal business surfaces at meetings and on Rotary’s social media pages. If a dedicated Rotarian sees a new business opportunity which primarily profits off Rotarian customers or clients, is it ethical for the Rotarian to pursue the endeavor? What do you think?

Ethical dilemma: what would you do?

Your club is planning to construct a new community playground. You are not on the project planning committee, but you’ve been actively fundraising on behalf of your club: your friends, family, and business associates have all donated generously to your club’s service project fund. At your next club meeting, the project planning committee announces that … More Ethical dilemma: what would you do?