5 ways you can protect the environment with Rotary

By Claudia Urbano, Service & Engagement staff at Rotary International

The Rotary Club of Koala Lovers, (District 9640) Australia, is an action-oriented, environmentally-focused club based in Gold Coast that works on preserving koalas. Members work closely with the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, raising funds for medical equipment and the club’s long-term project focusing on koala vaccinations. 29 November 2021. Currumbin, Queensland, Australia.

Every community around the world is experiencing the impact of environmental changes.  And while much of the world has renewed priorities on environmental action in recent years, we still have so much work to do. The United Nations Environment Programme details today’s triple planetary crisis: climate change, nature, and biodiversity loss, and pollution and waste. Our vast network of members and resources is available to anybody looking to tackle environmental issues. Here are five ways you can take action to protect our planet:

1. Partner with another club – Rotary, Rotaract, or Interact

Start or expand an environmental initiative in partnership with a fellow club. Browse Rotary Showcase to get inspiration from club projects around the Rotary world or to find project partners. Here are a couple of examples:

Members of Rotary clubs in the Houston area work in a community garden built by the Rotaract Club of Seabrook at Evelyn Meador Branch Library in Seabrook, Texas, USA. 14 November 2021.

2. Partner with an environmentally-focused Rotary Action Group

Expand your environmental efforts with support from one of the numerous Rotary Action Groups working to protect the planet. Rotary Action Groups offer their knowledge and passion to help clubs and districts plan and carry out impactful service projects in their area of expertise. Request assistance from or explore a partnership with one of Rotary’s Action Groups dedicated to protecting the environment – like the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group and the Rotary Action Group for Endangered Species.

3. Build your global community through an environmentally focused Rotary Fellowship

Rotary Fellowships are international groups that share a common passion, profession, or identity – many of which prioritize environmental initiatives. Make friends around the world while exchanging strategies and activities to protect nature through one of Rotary’s environmentally-focused fellowships:

Many hobby-oriented Fellowships also prioritize environmental initiatives so that they can continue to enjoy their outdoor passions like camping, fishing, rowing, skiing, or hiking.

4. Donate to The Rotary Foundation or apply for a grant for an environmental project

You can make a donation to specifically support environmental projects around the world or request funding assistance for an eligible project.

5. Sponsor a Rotary Community Corps to prioritize local environmental projects

A Rotary Community Corps (RCC) is a group of non-Rotary members who share our commitment to changing the world through service projects. RCC members partner with Rotary clubs to plan and carry out projects in their communities. By elevating the knowledge, voices, and talents of local people with deep awareness about local environmental priorities, we can co-design sustainable projects with long-term community support to advance environmental priorities.

Leave a comment below with your ideas or experiences that can help others start environmental projects in their communities.

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