The Rotary Action Group for Addiction and Prevention can help your club fight drug abuse and addiction in your community

Following the successful Icelandic Model for youth drug addiction prevention, The Rotary club Maldegem, the Rotary Action Group for Addiction Prevention, and the community of Maldegem in Belgium organize activities for young children (like this skateboard initiation) to keep them occupied in meaningful ways during their free time (photograph : M-text <>).

By Rotary Action Group for Addiction Prevention

Do you have a drug addiction problem in your community? The Rotary Action Group for Addiction Prevention (RAG-AP) can help. We are a group of Rotary-affiliated specialists who help clubs and districts develop community action plans for the prevention of addiction and illicit drug use. This global problem can only be addressed by the joint efforts of all worldwide organizations and governments. The RAG-AP works to inform, support, and advise clubs on strategies for projects that tackle addiction in the long term. Our group also helps them build connections with government and non-government organizations. In addition, we offer opportunities to interact and share ideas for awareness and prevention at conferences and conventions.

Founded in February 2013 and recognized by Rotary International in January 2016, the RAG-AP operates in more than 42 countries and 45 Rotary districts. Our group frequently coaches clubs and districts on project design, community assessments, and proposal writing for The Rotary Foundation global grants. We also help identify international partners and serve as a cooperating organization. The RAG-AP Toolkit guides clubs through designing sustainable projects with measurable impact.

To increase our regional impact, RAG-AP has organized chapters in various continents:

  • RAG-AP Asia Chapter is very active in 13 Rotary districts. The Chapter focuses on various addiction issues, including addiction to nicotine, alcohol, drugs, and the internet (NADI). View the chapter’s website for more information about its programs and resources. Contact chapter representatives Gulam Vahanvaty and Yogesh Zaveri to learn more and get involved.
  • RAG-AP North America Chapter focuses on the opiate crisis with its S.M.A.R.T. Project.  RAG-AP Board member  Arun Gupta M.D. recently published his book, “The Preventable Epidemic: A Frontline Doctor’s Experience and Recommendations to Resolve America’s Opioid Crisis”, which provides background on the crisis. Dr. Gupta lectures throughout the US sharing his expertise with local clubs. RAG-AP North America Chapter Board member Scott Silverman, who recently published his book The Opioid Epidemic “What you don’t know will destroy your family and your life”, also lectures across North America and to clubs sharing his expertise. Larry Kenemore, North America RAG-AP representative, visits clubs almost weekly to inform Rotary members how to help battle the opioid crisis by launching Project SMART, the first and only multi-disciplinary project to address this crisis and addiction. Contact chapter representatives Larry Kenemore and Sieglinde Warren to learn more and get involved.
  • RAG-AP Europe Chapter is currently in formation, as well as the new sub-chapters in Belgium, Nordic countries, and Spain. “Joined Effort Project” in Belgium focuses on addiction programs for youth organizations. Spain runs the “Together We Grow” program for parents in cooperation with Dianova International. Contact chapter representatives Kris Lenoir and Johan Maertens to get involved.
Stakeholders of the Maldegem municipality in Belgium sign a cooperation charter for addiction prevention. This is a collaboration between the municipality (represented by the mayor and aldermen), the Rotary Club Maldegem, the Rotary Action Group for Addiction Prevention, and schools, youth, sports, and parents’ associations (photograph : M-text <>).

Visit the RAG-AP website to learn more. Contact our group at to request assistance for your projects or to join our movement.

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