Meet international partners at an upcoming project fair

By Ellina Kushnir, Service and Engagement staff at Rotary International

After a two-year pivot to virtual events, project fairs are back in person this year! If you’re eager to get back into the field and meet peers from the Rotary family who are pioneering local service initiatives, considering attending an upcoming project fair. Project fairs are hosted by Rotary members to help clubs from international countries build partnerships in service. Ranging from two to seven days, project fairs offer international visitors an immersive opportunity to learn about the host community and its priorities.

Project fairs are hosted by local teams of Rotary members, carefully planned to include traditional and cultural elements for a fully immersive experience – no two events are alike. Consider attending an upcoming fair to meet local Rotary members, learn about their service projects, and start building international partnerships that often grow into life-long friendships. Many fairs also offer opportunities to visit nearby service projects, volunteer alongside Rotarians and Rotaractors on an initiative, and experience a new community through warm hospitality.

Review the tentative schedule of events:

Zones 25B and 29 | USA
September 2022

West Africa Project Fair | Nigeria
November 2022

South America | Ecuador
November 2022

Central America | El Salvador
January 2023

South America | Colombia
February 2023

South America | Argentina
February 2023

South America | Peru
March 2023

Visit for more information about each event and to register.

Remember: District grants can be used to support travel to and participation in project fairs to help districts identify international project partners. Confirm with your district Foundation committee to whether your district permits District Designated Funds (DDF) to be used to support participation in a project fair.

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