Ethical dilemma discussion: What would you do?

Your club has been meeting at a restaurant for 35 years. Your meeting contract extends for another five years, and your members like the venue and say the location is convenient. You recently learned that several restaurant staff members resigned and that the management is being investigated for serious discrimination allegations. What would you do?

Every month, Rotary magazine showcases answers to an ethical question that members might face in their Rotary or Rotaract clubs. Share your suggestions below to be included in a future issue.

8 thoughts on “Ethical dilemma discussion: What would you do?

  1. Notify all members of the situation. Delegate a commission to discuss matters with owner and staff to see if club members can help. If yes further evaluation and consideration can be part of choice. If no, one should stick to the 4 way test and consider to leave the premisses.

  2. Certainement attendre que le restaurant ait modifié ses comportements et sa gestion avant d’y retourner à nouveau.
    Donner tous les détails de la situation aux membres, prendre contact avec le restaurant pour connaitre les modifications qu’il va apporter à sa gestion. Et dans l’attente trouver un autre lieu de réunion, ou proposer des réunions mixtes aux membres du Club. Ne sommes-nous pas dans une ère de flexibilité?? les idées nouvelles et l’adaptation rapide aux changements sont indispensables pour faire vivre le Rotary dans le monde actuel. L’important est de continuer à servir les communautés dans le besoin, notre confort personnel peut bien attendre un peu! Service before self anyway…

  3. Rotary is rightfully stressing DEI. I would agree with Arnaud. You would also want to get the employees side of the story too. But the bottom line would be that the club would move if the allegations were true.

  4. We know that no one is guilty until sentenced, so nor the Restaurant, but we as Rotarians have to take care, above all else, of the Rotary reputation. We must absolutely avoid any liaison, also if slight, in the face of such a hateful suspect. Moreover the accusation is considered serious and many members of the staff have resigned, very bad clues these.
    So, in my opinion, the Club should immediately cancel the contract and find another head quarter.

  5. Habría que aplicar la Prueba Cúadruple. Nadie es culpable hasta que se demuestre.
    Tenemos ahora una de nuestras metas es de trabajar por la Diversidad, Equidad e Inclusión por lo tanto hay que ser muy cuidadoso al respecto.


  6. Marlene Beldinanzi Kato – Chamaria o dono do restaurante ( ou demais sócios) e explicaria a ele o SERVIR em Rotary. Mostraria alguns dos nossos trabalhos pelo mundo afora e que, estamos neste planeta para dar a mão ao irmão necessitado sem distinção de cor. Cada indivíduo é um ser humano que merece respeito e ajuda quando necessário. E esta é a melhor fórmula do bem viver. Chegamos nus e vamos embora sem qualquer objeto de valor.
    Não sairia do restaurante não. Procuraria ajudar o dono do restaurante a enxergar melhor o sentido da vida. Não deixa de ser um serviço do Rotary também !

  7. Wait to see the result of the prosecution. We have an excellent, safe and democratic legal system. We should not attempt to make ourselves judge and jury

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