Manila Presidential Conference to advance outcomes for the environment and the economy

By Manila Presidential Conference Co-Conveners: Past RI Director Raffy Garcia, RI Director Surgeon Chi-Tien Liu, RI Director Jessie Harman, and Conference Chair Past District Governor Edna Sutter

The Philippines is proud to host one of Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta’s seven presidential conferences this Rotary year. The Manila Presidential Conference is open to participants from all over the world and is set to be Rotary’s largest Asia-Pacific event. This virtual experience will take place 26-28 November. Participants will experience a virtual conference with motivating speakers, a virtual house of friendship, as well as a virtual fellowship lounge for participants to meet each other and form new friendships. We invite the family of Rotary to use this occasion to heed RI President Mehta’s call of Each One, Bring One: invite your colleagues, friends, and family to this event to introduce them to our dedicated work through Rotary.

Serve to Change Lives by prioritizing environmentally conscientious eco

The conference focuses on two of Rotary’s areas of focus that are especially relevant given the challenges faced by the world today: heightened inequity due to the pandemic and climate change. The conference seeks to offer an ideation experience through the theme, Working Towards B.E.S.T. Outcomes for Our Communities. The program is anchored on four pillars where we can achieve multi-sectoral success for the economy and the environment: business, environment, sustainability, and technology (BEST).

  • The Business for Good track highlights the role of business in creating economic, social, and environmental value, with an emphasis on achieving a living wage for all—especially those affected most by climate change and COVID-19.
  • The Environmentalism for Good track presents macro- and micro-approaches to protect the environment, with a call to advance Circular Economy ideals to drive conservation and support environmental balance.
  • The Sustainability for Good track demystifies the concept of sustainability, emphasizing that we all can effect change by focusing on volunteering our time and talent to drive sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods.
  • The Technology for Good track recognizes the challenges posed by the digital divide and highlights different ways that leaders are bridging the gap and using technology and innovation for social, economic, and environmental good.
  • A special fifth track, Future of Rotary, focuses on future-proofing Rotary’s readiness to lead and engage its members in service, as well as highlighting the role of girls, women, and young leaders, philanthropy, and internal and external Rotarian partnerships.

Each track will open with plenary keynote speeches by globally renowned thought leaders followed by five concurrent breakout sessions. Each breakout will offer a variety of interactive experiences to learn, exchange ideas, and build connections through a fireside chat, masterclass, townhall, field trip, or panel discussion. Each track’s closing session will feature a Rotary International Director who will synthesize the ideas and inspiration conveyed during the day’s sessions.

Brilliant speakers and performers

Led by RI President Mehta, Rotarians and renowned thought leaders, makers and doers from around the world will be giving keynote remarks and breakout session experiences. Filipino celebrities will emcee segments and give musical performances.

See the full schedule here and register online here.

2021-22 RI President Shekhar Mehta is hosting a series of seven presidential conferences across the world to explore the intersection of Rotary’s areas of focus. Learn more about each of the upcoming events and register online by visiting

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  1. Is the reporting the Vonference available? Hari Om Shrestha PHF+7 New Road City Kathmandu RC President 2000-01, Patan West RC 

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