Million minds, one being: Interact nurtures a passion to do good

By Hiya Jain, member of the Interact Club of Birla Vidya Niketan

Interact clubs are a window to the world that lies beyond the reach of our limited access to society’s abundant elements. This resonates with all the community-based exposure Interact has given me.

For the past couple of years, Interact has acted as the push for me to explore social welfare more. My experience working with people with disabilities and those in rural and suburban areas has been eye-opening.

For most Interactors, our involvement begins at school or at the community-level. Coming from a relatively small club, my team and I often stumbled upon the question of what comes next.

The people we come across make it easy to answer this. Interact is not just about uplifting others, but it is also about developing oneself, making connections, and maintaining them. All sorts of projects, whether in-person or virtual, make service accessible in the modern day. Volunteering is essential . Moreover, the lessons learn along the way reveal a new outlook towards the different lives that encircle us.  

In retrospect, volunteering plays a crucial role in holistic development. Instead of trying to find the next step, we have learned to immerse ourselves in the process and craft our own paths naturally.

Interact and Rotary are platforms to engage young minds and nurture their passion to do good. Student life is the best phase to start, and Interact clubs are the best way!

Rotary annually celebrates the global impact of Interact during World Interact Week, held this year 1-7 November. Join the celebration:

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