Take action to grow local economies

By Rotary Service & Engagement Staff

Rotary members are passionate about finding sustainable solutions to ending poverty. The issue has become even more important because of how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected poverty levels and advanced inequality in communities around the globe. During Community Economic Development Month, consider how you can address community needs and challenges.

Resources for local and international projects

Involve community members in your work:

  • Sponsor or work with an existing Rotary Community Corps, to engage members of the community where you’re working and help a project become sustainable by empowering local leaders.
  • Contact your district community service chair, who can advise you about developing local projects to address your community’s local needs. The service chair can also connect you to local organizations, district committees, and other Rotary groups that focus on service.

Increase your impact by working with one of Rotary’s service and project partners:

Connect with community economic development experts to ensure that your projects are effective and sustainable:

Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development

Margaret Thorpe Williamson, the Chair of the Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development, shares:

The mission of the Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development (RAGCED) is to be a resource, providing information, project materials, and advisors to help plan, implement, and manage sustainable community development projects.  Our members’ community development experiences and perspectives have enriched our interaction with one another, and with clubs who have reached out to us for assistance.  RAGCED is prepared to help in the following ways:

  • Providing expert advice on preparing and submitting a Community Economic Development Global Grant;
  • Connecting you to other Rotary members and clubs;
  • Sharing successful community economic development case studies;
  • Help finding international partners and funding;
  • Sharing community economic development curriculum and best practices.

Visit our website www.ragced.org to meet our leadership, learn about successful projects around the world, utilize our online resources, request assistance or become a member.

Projects around the world

Looking for inspiration for your next community economic development project? Read about Rotary members and participants making a difference:

  • In the Philippines, the Rotary Club of Midtown Tarlac organized a training to improve agriculture and entrepreneurial skills for 53 community members in Sitio Pisapungan. Participants are expected to harvest more produce and create additional income after completing the classes. The training covered suitable crops for the area, techniques for soil preparation and cultivating and harvesting crops, and how to grow and sustain their own businesses. Read more.
  • In Nigeria, the Rotary Club of Ibadan-Jericho Metro provided a means of livelihood for 10 women by training them in jewelry and bead making and providing tools and raw materials for participants to start their own venture. As continued support, the club plans to train the women on entrepreneurship and small business management and will provide a display for the women to sell their products at club and district events. The club will help the artisans advertise their products on social media. Read more.
  • In Togo, the Rotary Club of Lomé donated eight sewing machines to young women in a sewing apprenticeship at the Centre d’Entraide des Démunis pour l’Apprentissage de la Couture. Over the course of a year, the young women will be registered with the Chamber of Trade and receive training in entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Read more.

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