Use your passion to make an impact at the Inka Project Fair

By Jessica Liñán, District 4455 grants subcommittee chair and member of the TRF Cadre of Technical Advisers

Thinking to connect our communities, encourage friendship, and foster international partnerships, we decided to continue with our virtual Project Fair this year.

I remember February 2020 when we decided to host our first Project Fair in Peru and planned to have a virtual space for exhibiting some projects by Zoom. This experience prepared us to hold this year’s fair entirely online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What can you find at our virtual project fair? You’ll have the opportunity to be part of our team-building, problem-solving activities. You can help our communities, add to our strengths, talk about local service projects, and join in constant communication.

Join us to focus on solutions not obstacles. Discover the beauty of Peru.

Register for our virtual Inka Project Fair 18-24 September 2021.

Rotary’s project fairs connect clubs that are seeking international service projects with those that are interested in collaborating with global partners. Any club representative or Rotary member is welcome to attend. Find more information about upcoming project fairs by visiting

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