What motivates Rotary members?

By Rotary Service & Engagement Staff

During August we’re celebrating Membership and New Club Development Month. Our surveys have confirmed that the main reasons our members join and stay with Rotary are community service and friendship. That makes this month the perfect time of year to learn more about how to further engage with our global community and make a positive difference. Below we’ll highlight some of the ways you can enhance your membership experience through stronger service and new connections.

Strengthen your service projects

Service Above Self is at the heart of everything we do. In 2020, community service was the main reason that 47% of new members joined and 42% of current members stayed in Rotary. Additionally, 82% of members considered service to the community to be extremely or very important to them. To make sure your good work is effective, it’s important to understand community needs and leverage local resources. Learn how you can involve experts within Rotary, from your community, and from organizations beyond Rotary to improve your projects.

  • Contact a Rotary Action Group related to your project’s area of focus to get expert advice on planning and implementation, as well as help finding partners, funding, or resources.
  • Sponsor a Rotary Community Corps (RCC) to engage members of the community in which you’re working and ensure project sustainability by empowering local leaders to pioneer change.
  • Work with your district community or international service chair. They can suggest innovative approaches, identify resources, refer you to subject matter experts, and publicize your work.
  • Collaborate with one of Rotary’s service and project partners to strengthen your club and district service projects. They can ensure sustainability, provide access to subject-matter experts, and strengthen your local networks.
  • Find inspiration at Rotary Showcase to see how other have responded to similar issues. Then, add your project to find support or share your success.

Connect with new friends

When you joined Rotary, you became a member of a network of people located all over the world who share similar values and a passion for doing good. In 2020, friendship was the main reason that 20% of new members joined and 39% of current members stayed in Rotary. Additionally, 87% of all members are interested in using their membership to find new friends. Not only are your club meetings and community service projects a great way to make friends locally, but also there many opportunities to tap into Rotary’s community globally. How can you start building these connections beyond your club and district?

  • Take part in a Rotary Friendship Exchange to make friends around the world and discover new cultures.
  • Join a Rotary Fellowship to meet other members who share your passions and hobbies.
  • Attend a project fair to create a connection with another club and become partners on an international service project.
  • Collaborate with an Intercountry committee (ICC) to foster intercultural understanding by regularly meeting and working with a network of clubs or districts in a different country.

Everyone has their own reasons for being a member of Rotary, but with that membership comes the incredible benefits of an increased capacity to do good and a vast global network in which to forge lasting connections. Enhance your membership experience by getting involved in service and fellowship beyond your club, and help others learn about the opportunities available to them, too. Download this infographic for an overview of the different programs mentioned above, and share it with members in your club and district.

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