Ethical dilemma discussion – What would you do?

During the pandemic, your club service projects were coordinated virtually with local groups providing community resources. Now that your club’s area is opening up after vaccination efforts and a reduction in cases, you can plan your first in-person service project in your community. However, there are members in your club who are immune-compromised or cannot vaccinate due to health reasons. Therefore, there are aspects to your in-person project that will need to be considered. How will you plan an inclusive community service project for your club that accounts for members that may have participation restrictions? 

7 thoughts on “Ethical dilemma discussion – What would you do?

  1. Our club uses a member’s cell phone and a small tripod to broadcast our in-person meetings using Facebook Live. People who attend virtually can send in questions and comments in real time. Also, if someone was unable to attend the meeting for some reason, it will still be available on our Facebook page.

  2. My Club President and Secretary do not receive these postings. How do they subscribe?

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  3. All Community Service events take a great deal of planning and details to come out correctly and successfully. Those members that are at risk……don’t have to do the physical portion of the project but can be utilized as the behind the scenes planning and detail people so they are safe but included. The fact that we are sensitive to both their health needs and inclusiveness…..will make them want to perform at a higher level……and reach new heights for our clubs.

  4. Hola, los socios no vacunados no deberían tener ninguna restricción. No son apestados. Si acaso todo lo contrario y nunca deberían tener restricciones de acceso a ningún lugar. Rotary debería trabajar en este sentido. Libertad e igualdad. Es mi opinión. Muchas gracias.

  5. Former Rotarian perspective: if some aspects can be done remotely, have the compromised members do that. (Drop off mailer supplies at their homes and have them stuff envelopes, do telephone work as possible, etc.) If there are a shortage of those tasks, they should try to serve on a different “remote” project.

  6. La virtualidad llegó para quedarse. Seguramente las futuras reuniones y eventos sean presenciales y a la vez remotos para aquellos que no crean conveniente asistir en persona. La experiencia de este año y medio ha sido demostrativa.

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