Cycling through COVID-19

By: Jean-Luc Berger Chair

The International Fellowship Cycling to Serve, was unable to organize and/or participate in the usual major events that are held annually: 4 Days, World Championships, and the Ride to End Polio in Tucson. However, COVID-19 brought out the imagination and creativity of cycling Rotarians, Rotaractors and their family members. Here are the highlights from the 2020-2021 Rotary year:

  • 4,500 participants attended the Pedals in Peru virtual ride and also held a debate on cycling safety
  • German members held a virtual race on connected bikes with professional racers. You can read more about our German members in the Rotary Magazine.
  • 25 bicycles were donated to female students in Nepal so that they can ride to school
  • Cycling to Serve Austria held a ride from Innsbrück to Rome to raise funds for PolioPlus
  • A new Cycling to Serve chapter was launched in New Delhi, India
Bicycles donation so that Nepalese girls can go to school. The Fellowship coordinated with the local Rotary Club of Bardibas, Mahottani in Nepal on this project.

Our members have stayed connected with videoconference meetings and membership has grown by 5% thanks to the fellowship website and newsletter. In addition to virtual connections, the fellowship has expanded to new regions: India North (New Delhi), Bulgaria, and Latin America (to be announced soon).

For the 2021-2022 Rotary year, we will continue to connect virtually and are ready for our next events:

  • Nancy World Championship, France 
  • Ride to end polio in Tucson, Arizona, USA 
  • 4 Days in Lörrach, Germany  
  • Kitzbuel-Paris (Austria-France) ride for a professional development association 

To join our Fellowship or learn more about upcoming events, visit the International Fellowships Cycling to Serve website.

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