Celebrate #WorldWaterDay

By Service and Engagement Staff

It’s easy to take access to water for granted. Your access to water relies on pipes, tanks, treatment systems, and more to get water to your door. Many people lack access to clean water, putting them at risk of dehydration and disease.

Every year, UN-Water coordinates the United Nations international observances on freshwater and sanitation to raise awareness about this important issue. Today, 22 March, is World Water Day and this year’s theme is valuing water. Water means different things to different people. Water can affect your home, family life, livelihood, wellbeing, and cultural practices. You can see conversations in real time about what water means to people around the world.

To support these efforts, the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Rotary Action Group can help you design and implement, or scale up, your club or district WASH project. Stay tuned to hear how WASHRAG can help you advance WASH priorities locally or abroad and to learn about their upcoming virtual summit. http://www.wash-rag.org

For this World Water Day, tell us your story and leave a comment on our blog. What does water mean to you? How has your club or district worked to provide clean water, health, or sanitation to an area of the world?  

One thought on “Celebrate #WorldWaterDay

  1. I will be copying you on an email regarding a project/conference we are working on. If you are interested please let me know. There may be a place for you to participate.

    Sincerely, Gerry

    *Gerry Beltgens* *E.D. Disaster Aid Canada* *Rotary Club of Ladysmith*

    *www.disasteraid.ca 250-739-3887 (cell)* *250-661-9665 (office)*

    *gbeltgens@d isasteraid.ca *

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