Three new fellowships

By Rotary Service and Engagement Staff

Rotary International is excited to announce the chartering of three new Rotary International Fellowships. Currently Rotary International recognizes over 90 active Rotary Fellowships. A Rotary fellowship is a group of individuals who globally unite around a common interest, vocation, or recreational activity with the primary purpose to network and further friendship.  Membership in a fellowship is open to any interested individual.

The newly approved fellowships are for Graphic Designers, Hunting, and Wildlifers for Conservation. The purpose of each fellowship is detailed below and includes a link to learn more or connect with each group: 

Graphic Designers – The Rotary Fellowship of Graphic Designers is a group of people who work in or enjoy the common interest of graphic design. The fellowship plans to meet virtually and in-person to share best practices, work together, share professional ideas, and build fellowship.

Hunting – The purpose of the International Rotary Fellowship of Hunters is to cultivate international friendship among hunters.  The fellowship will promote the acceptance of hunting among the population while maintaining hunting ethics and traditions.

Wildlifers for Conservation – The Rotary Fellowship of Wildlifers for Conservation is a group of any interested individuals who share a common interest and are willing to work towards building a future in which people and nature thrive.

For more information on Rotary Fellowships or how to charter a new Rotary Fellowship please visit

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