Use your professional expertise to guide clubs’ projects

By Rotary Service and Engagement Staff

Do you have professional experience or specialized technical skills? Are you a project manager, engineer, health care professional, educator, lawyer, accountant, etc.? If yes, you can offer your skills to local Rotary clubs and help develop service projects with greater impact.

Rotary is an organization rich with many resources — our members being our greatest asset. Members have professional experience and expertise we can use early in the planning process to design and implement quality projects.

Many clubs turn to their District Resource Network, which is comprised of Rotarians and Rotaractors with varying skills sets in different fields, to find project mentors. Your District’s Resource Network can serve as a de facto consulting firm. Rather than spending additional project budget to hire consultants temporarily, you can get free help from our own Rotary members. Some of our most qualified Rotary experts are members of Rotary Action Groups, or The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers lending their expertise to help clubs’ projects succeed.

In November 2020, we highlighted how clubs in Italy and Nepal relied on local subject-matter experts in District Resource Networks to design and implement a project to equip local schools with clean drinking water and toilets. Read how club members with professional experience offered invaluable support to strengthen these global grants.

If you have expertise in one of Rotary’s areas of focus or with project planning and implementation, community assessment, measurement and evaluation, or other important aspects of projects or grants, put your professional skills to use by:

  1. Contacting your District International Service Chair to self-identify your professional experience or technical skills and requesting to serve as a mentor in your District’s Resource Network. If your district hasn’t yet created a network, offer your assistance.
  2. Consider becoming a Rotary expert who can help with service projects; Review the list of Rotary Action Groups or Cadre of Technical Advisers to find the best group for you.

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