Connect with Rotary’s peacebuilding ambassadors

By Rotary Peace Fellowship Alumni Association

In 1921, at its 12th annual convention in Edinburgh, Scotland, Rotary vowed “to aid in the advancement of international peace” when it amended the objects, or goals, of the organization.  Nearly a century later, The Rotary Representative Network is a group of Rotarians from diverse backgrounds who represent Rotary at the United Nations and other international organizations.  

By developing connections within specific organizations, the representatives help Rotary succeed at its ambitious endeavors around the world — chief among them the eradication of polio. Its success in fighting this disease has earned Rotary tremendous credibility and sway in the arena of international problem-solving. Rotary’s relationships with key senior policymakers at the United Nations and other global organizations was important for polio advocacy and the network intends to maintain, deepen, expand those relationships.  

On 3 February, we’d like to give more people the chance to learn about this network and hear from “Rotary’s Diplomats” in an event hosted by the Rotary Peace Fellowship Alumni Association.  

RSVP here for a discussion with leaders like: 

  • Ana Patel, Rotary Peace Fellow and Rotary Representative to UN Women 
  • Judith Diment, Dean of the Rotary Representative Network and Representative to the Commonwealth of Nations 
  • Josephine Ojiambo, Rotary Representative to UNICEF, former DSG Commonwealth, and former Kenyan Ambassador to the UN 
  • Wayne Charles III, Associate Rotary Representative to the United Nations in New York  

We hope you’ll take the opportunity to learn about the network, its goals, and how you can engage. 

The Rotary Peace Fellow Alumni Association unites Rotary Peace Fellow alumni, increases networking opportunities among Fellows, and facilitates collaboration with clubs and districts to expand the promotion of peace around the world. We envision a united Rotary Peace Fellow community, working together to expand peacebuilding and sustain peace in the world. 

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