Keys to successful basic education and literacy projects

By Rotary Service and Engagement staff

According to UNESCO data, nearly 1.6 billion learners worldwide, representing 94% of the student population, have been impacted by closure of schools due to COVID-19. Although many students will be able to return to their classrooms once the pandemic is over, UNESCO projects 24 million learners to face prolonged displacement. BELRAG (Basic Education and Literacy Rotary Action Group) is urging the family of Rotary to look for ways to effectively address this global and growing learning gap in their communities and beyond.

Founded in 2011, BELRAG is comprised of members who have expertise and passion in planning and implementing impactful projects that enhance the capacities of communities to provide education and literacy to all. They use their expertise, global network, and best practices they develop to provide support to clubs and districts in planning and implementing sustainable BEL projects. From 2014-2020, an average of 174 basic education and literacy projects have been supported annually by global grants through The Rotary Foundation. With many more opportunities to address basic education and literacy, BELRAG is hosting a webinar to inform on the best practices of designing a successful global grant project.

Session 1: Jan 28, 2021  20:00 Eastern Time  
(Morning, 29 January, for SE Asia, Australia, and India)

Click here to register for this session.

Session 2: Jan 29, 2021 10:00 Eastern Time
(afternoon for Europe, Africa.  Evening for India)

Click here to register for this session

*To accommodate different time zones the webinar will be offered twice. Check your local time zone to confirm the webinar time in your area. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information to join the webinar.

More information about the webinar can be found here.

Visit to access more resources offered by the BELRAG and to contact the group for project advice

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