Learn from WASH experts: how to design & implement sustainable WASH projects?

By Rotary Service and Engagement staff

Now more than ever, access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene is critical to health of families around the world. That’s why Rotarians’ commitment to provide safe water, hygiene and sanitation products and facilities to all communities continues to grow.  

Founded in 2007, the mission of the WASH Rotary Action Group is to provide human, technical, and financial support to clubs and districts that are seeking to help communities to gain sustainable access to water, sanitation, and hygiene. With the global network of technical experts and WASH-minded supporters, the Action Group has been successfully fulfilling its mission.   

The WASH Rotary Action Group is set out to robustly support clubs and districts in planning and implementing high impact sustainable project in the current Rotary year as well. The group started to host the webinar series “Global Grants, Nuts and Bolts”, focused on WASH in Schools, in October and will be hosting the third session that focuses on monitoring and evaluation on 14 and 15 January. Representatives from UNICEF, The Rotary Foundation, Centre for Affordable Water & Sanitation Technologies (CAWST), and Rotarians from the Tocoa, Honduras WASH in Schools Program will be featured to introduce the basics of monitoring and evaluation within the WASH in Schools context. 

Space is limited to 100 attendees so register today using the links below    

*To accommodate different time zones the webinar will be offered twice. 

Recordings and presentations for the previous webinars can be found here: https://wasrag.org/page/wash-global-grants  

Webinar 1: Community Assessments  

Presenters include The Rotary Foundation’s WASH Area of Focus Manager, Erica Gwynn, TRF’s Cadre Technical Coordinator Chair for WASH, Wade Nomura, and members of the WASH Rotary Action Group Professional Resources Group. 

Webinar 2: Sustainability 

  • Understand what TRF is looking for 
  • How to build a sustainability plan 
  • Ideas for embedding hygiene education into curriculum
  • Life cycle costing – what is it and how to use it, and more! 

Presenters include TRF’s Cadre Technical advisors, PDG Carolyn Johnson, Past WASH RAG Chair Ron Denham, EWB, and others. This webinar will also feature a working breakout session offered in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. 


The fourth webinar in the series will offer a more advanced approach for monitoring and evaluation within the WASH in Schools context. Register today using the links below!     

Visit wasrag.org to access more resources offered by the WASH Rotary Action Group and to contact their technical experts for project advice.  

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