Upcoming virtual events for projects supporting the environment

By the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group

Making the most of virtual meeting technology, Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG) members will be sharing project ideas and resources virtually with Rotary and Rotaract members around the world. Check out the upcoming virtual events to get inspired and connect with members on projects that promote environmental sustainability, awareness of climate change, and actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate disruption.

Operation Pollinator Webinar 

02 November l 5:00-6:30 AM UTC

This webinar will showcase strategies that generate effective conservation outcomes for pollinators. You will gain new knowledge, project ideas, and gateways to partnerships and sponsorships, and insights into becoming citizen scientists. 

Following the path of monarch butterflies’ astounding migration from Mexico to Canada and back, experts from within and beyond Rotary will describe conservation projects across North America. Environmental lawyer César Murillo, who helped develop Mexico’s Monarch Corridor initiative, will describe the Mexican flyway, overwintering, and Rotarians’ work with school nurseries. Click here to register.            

Planning for Success Webinar 

06 November l 9:00 PM UTC 

Would you like to plan projects that deliver effective outcomes for people, the environment, and your club? Australian Rotarians Pat Armstrong, Clare Caulfield, and Liz Stinson will steer you through a five-step process to develop, plan, implement, monitor, evaluate, and sustain successful projects. During this 75-minute session, we will also show you how to access a comprehensive guide online, practical templates, examples of success, and other resources. Register for this free Zoom webinar here.    

Climate and Peace Forum

10 November l 7 AM UTC 

Australian Rotarians’ second public Climate and Peace Forum spotlights natural disasters and how the agricultural and industrial sectors can prevent or mitigate them. 

Simon McKeon, Chancellor of Monash University & Australian of the Year 2011, will describe the recently launched Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative. Lucinda Corrigan, Chair of Farmers for Climate Action, will relate how farmers can advance sustainable climate policies and actions. Her innovations in the grazing industry won her the 2012 Champion Award of Australia’s National Climate Change Adaptation and Research Facility. Greg Mullins, Retired Head of New South Wales Emergency Services, will report on the Royal Commission’s outcome on Bushfires and our prospects for coping with future natural disasters.

This free webinar is an initiative of the Rotary Club of Sydney Cove and is supported by the Rotary Clubs of Sydney and Darling Harbor. Sign up here. You’ll find a recording of the first Climate and Peace Forum held on 06 August at the same link. 

Biodiversity Forums on Coral Reefs and Soil Health

ESRAG’s Biodiversity Task Force meets by Zoom with an expert speaker every two weeks for discussion and networking. The time varies depending on the presenter’s time zone. The next two meetings and topics are:

  • 28 October, UTC+2:30, Coral Reefs
  • 11 November, UTC+4, Soil Health

To add your name to the email list, contact ESRAG Board Chair Dr. Christopher Puttock. Past talks will soon be available online. Check out Dr. Jose-Luis Izursa’s talk, Is Aquaponics a Suitable Alternative?

The Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group assists clubs, districts, and multi-districts in planning, implementing, and evaluating service projects, building awareness, and inspiring action. Learn more about the group. 

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