Connecting virtually at the Ecuador Project Fair

By Amparo Albuja, member of the Rotary Club of Quito, Ecuador

After fourteen years of hosting our annual Ecuador Project Fair where local clubs’ projects were presented to Rotarians from the United States, Canada and Europe, lifelong friendships have been built and a huge number of projects have been successfully carried out with the support of our international visitors. As a result, our district has been able to implement many large-scale projects that have served thousands of people in need.

In all those years, we also offered our guests attractive social activities and opportunities to tour our remarkably diverse country in addition to attending the fair.

This year is quite different due to the devastating pandemic that has hit the whole world. In-person meetings and gatherings are not possible, international travel is not even considered, and thus, a face-to-face fair cannot be carried out. 

This is a challenge, and we have accepted it by planning a virtual project fair to be held 13-19 November, 2020, through a specially designed platform, where we will be able to show our clubs’ projects to many international visitors who will have the opportunity to attend our fair without leaving their homes.

Even though personal gathering will not be possible, after meeting old and new friends online and learning about our projects, lifelong friendships will continue to be made.

Make new friends and help people in need, do not miss our XV Ecuador Project Fair online. Please contact me at for more information or visit for updates. 

We look forward to welcoming you!

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