Ethical Dilemma Discussion: what would you do?

Your club meetings have moved online recently and are hosted through a video conferencing platform. During the meetings, members have been sharing personal stories of life during the COVID-19 pandemic and discussing ways for the club to help the local community. Club leaders have decided to record these meetings and share them on social media and the club website as a way to promote the club and attract new members.

You don’t feel comfortable with the meetings being recorded and shared, particularly because of the personal information that members discuss. However, you do want to attract new members to your club, and holding meetings online gives the club access to a broader audience.

What would you do?

7 thoughts on “Ethical Dilemma Discussion: what would you do?

  1. If the meetings are being recorded then that should be stated before the meetings start so that members have the option to not share, or to wait til after the meeting recording has been turned off to share.

  2. Participants should be told before that the meeting is being recorded and can then make the decision whether they take part or not which is our democratic right.

  3. In life there are tough ethical decisions – this isn’t one of them. Others are already nailed the correct response: inform, communicate, transparency at the beginning of the meeting, providing alternative opportunities to meet privately with a guarantee of anonymity. The familiar adage holds true: If you don’t want to see it on the front page of your local paper, don’t do it in public & don’t say it publically.

  4. I don’t understand why it would be necessary, or desirable, to post on social media private confidences which clearly were not meant to be part of the official meeting, especially when members were not aware that the meeting was being recorded. Perhaps there’s a degree of friendliness and intimacy among members which made it easy for people to share confidences, but an unspoken rule is surely broken when these are revealed to the public. A summary of the salient points of the meeting would be enough, and such sharing of confidences probably belongs in a different space.

  5. Yo no divulgaría las reuniones virtuales, a menos que se hagan expresamente para ese fin.

  6. Spell the houserules. Give a heads up that it will be recorded. It is good to share personal thoughts. It makes us human to experience the same concern or fears of the pandemic. You can attract more members if they see even your imperfectness and our vulnerability. It is okay not to be okay. We are human beings. Rotarians are human and they all do good things for the world, in spite of that imperfectness. Happy serving amidst the crisis. We all need good Rotarians out there. Keep safe!

  7. Don’t record anyone without their permission. If anyone one has an ethical problem, meet privately with the president. If it can’t be resolved, meet with the board of directors who review the issue based on Rotary’s stated objectives and make a determination. Thlis may be a beneficial exercise for many clubs to “examine themselves.”

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