Creating partnerships in Russia through the Multi-Club Workshop

By Leonardo de Angelis, Member of Rotary Club Ravenna, Italy and Coordinator of the Multi-Club Workshop

Another Multi-Club Workshop (MCW) has just ended! We hosted the 13th MCW in Moscow to encourage Russian clubs to get involved in global grants as international partners. District 2223 hosted the event to help local clubs become more involved in international service. The group of international visitors was composed of twenty people, including Rotary members from Italy and Serbia. The 13th MCW created an atmosphere full of friendships, family, and excitement.

Over the course of the five-day event participants enjoyed sightseeing in Moscow. Attendees visiting Moscow for the first time were enchanted by the various aspects of the city: the Red Square, the Kremlin, the shopping centres, the Cathedral of the Christ St. Saviour in front of the Moscow river from where you can see the various architectural styles of the city. Attendees also visited the Home for Deaf and Blind Children “Detski Dom”. There, 200 children (some orphans) ages 3-18 received excellent care and love, made possible through the support of the Rotary Club of Moscow International in collaboration with the Rotary Clubs of Bari (Italy), Ravenna (Italy) and Moscow Humboldt (Russia) from relationships formed through the Multi-Club Workshop.

An important part of the event was the seminar where participants learned about projects seeking support through international partnerships.

This year’s Multi-Club Workshop was attended by representatives from eight international clubs and 11 Russian clubs with the purpose of building international friendships and partnerships for global grants.  During the project exchange session of the seminar, club representatives presented their projects which included:

  • constructing a modern toilet in Volgograd, Russia;
  • refurbishing the water system at a hospital in Chiulo, Cuene Province, Angola;
  • addressing infertility for young people in the Lombardy Region, Italy;
  • providing medical equipment and support for young para-athletes in Moscow, Russia;
  • creating a new palliative care system in the Rasina District, Serbia;
  • improving the care of young diabetics in Sudan;
  • sharing a new methodology for developing creative and psychological skills for young people in Kazan, Russia.

The seven projects were seeking a combined total of US $694,000 in international contributions. Participants then voted which projects would receive financial support from the MCW. The selected projects include providing a new palliative care system in the Rasina District of Serbia, refurbishing the water system at a hospital in Chiulo, Cuene Province, Angola, and providing medical equipment and support for young para-athletes in Moscow, Russia.

The event concluded with the selection of next year’s venue for the 2020 Multi-Club Workshop Venice, Italy!

After the traditional closing photos and banner exchanges, the 13th MCW ended. In the evening, we attended a Gala Dinner with the Cossacks who entertained us with their songs and dances during the gala dinner, creating a family atmosphere, full of joy as they invited us to join them. And it is this atmosphere of fellowship that has characterized the 13th MCW!

You can find more details and pictures of this successful event in the 13° MCW section of our website. We hope you’ll join us for the 14th annual Multi-Club Workshop in Venice next September!

2 thoughts on “Creating partnerships in Russia through the Multi-Club Workshop

  1. Sounds like there are some great projects coming out of Russia. Well done.

    Multi- Club projects have to be the best way to do things. It is frustrating to see so many Clubs wanting to do their own thing and not joining forces with other Clubs. The strength and beauty of Rotary is its size and global spread and we need to be working with this strength to make the best impact, both, in our own countries countries around the world.

  2. Please keep me and also our RC of Mayfair informed of Multiclub meetings and activities and projects and how book participation including regional Rotary Institutes I have participated several past eg Hannover , Cannes, Madrid etc and many our members travel globally and should be regularly kept informed like all Rotary and Rotaract members of those very informative and networking enhancing opportunities

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