Ethical Dilemma Discussion: what would you do?

You’re part of your club’s leadership team and are asked to promote service resources and get members more involved in projects. To succeed in your role, you realize you’ll need to work with club leaders who oversee the Foundation, membership, public image, and club administration committees. But when you contact them, they don’t seem to want to work with you. You believe it’s vital for the success of the club if you all work together, but they want to focus only on their own goals.

What would you do?

5 thoughts on “Ethical Dilemma Discussion: what would you do?

  1. You could define one goal for the club and not individual goals for each committee. Or you could participate in multiple commission gatherings and invite members from other committees to participate in yours. Cross-pollinating ideas triggers common goals.

  2. Propose before club president and president elect rewriting club’s strategic plan in line with need of community and actions thereof..

  3. Making them to understand a common goal, that is inter woven in theirs and yours.
    An enlarged board should be involved so as to enshrine the common goal..and all involved

  4. -Ask the Board of Directors for the plans of other leaders and study them.
    -Visit each leader and have a friendly conversation about what benefits the club as a whole, and know their plan.
    -Present, with humility and empathy, several projects based on your study to other leaders to know which one is of interest to work together.

  5. Focus on service ideals.
    The strategy to be promoted is that Vocational service and the shared skill of Rotarians make projects happen, more quickly, more efficiently, with greater Co-operation and with reduced cost.
    Rotary has fantastic networking skills, built on vocational skills and social opportunities and driven by the need to improve the lives of others.
    Perhaps the question is ‘Why is there limited or no integration?’ But usually the answer within the Club is obvious.

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