Use Rotary’s online tools for a greater impact

This is the fourth and final blog post in an August series highlighting member engagement opportunities in celebration of Rotary Membership and Club Development Month.

By Rotary Service and Engagement

The Rotary network is vast and the type of service we provide varies from community to community, but with the continued advancement of technology, it’s now easier than ever to reach more people and create a stronger Rotary family by exchanging ideas and collaborating on projects and initiatives that make a difference in our communities. The tools below can help broaden your reach and make a greater impact:

  • Through Discussion Groups, exchange ideas and tap into the expertise, experiences, and advice of other Rotary members. There are over 1,000 groups discussing topics such as vocational service, peace, health and wellness, and much more. Discussion Groups are a great resource for project planning by learning from Rotary members with shared interests and experiences. If you are starting a project in one of our areas of focus, take advantage of the groups moderated by the Foundation’s Cadre of Technical Advisors.
  • Rotary Ideas makes finding a project partner easier than ever. You can search for projects by contribution type (volunteers, partnerships, online contributions, and materials), making it easier to find initiatives to support. A Google Translate option is also available on each project page, breaking down language barriers and helping you connect with members in different countries. Over 5,100 projects have been posted on the site and 7,750 contributions have been made to projects in support of their initiatives through Ideas. Browse through more than 100 active projects to support fellow members or list your project to find support!
  • Share your success stories on Rotary Showcase to inspire Rotary members to take on similar initiatives. Over 177,140 projects have been posted to Showcase, highlighting the broad range of activities and projects Rotarians undertake within their communities and around the world.

Throughout the year, we encourage you to engage with Rotary to enhance your membership experience. Follow this blog and check out more posts on activities and programs available to the Rotary family.




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