A new Rotary Fellowship for Executive Managers

By Carlos Brazao, founder of the Rotarian Executive Managers Fellowship

Imagine going from being an excellent doctor or engineer to becoming a General Manager of the Hospital or creating your own company: suddenly your co-workers no longer share the same world as you and can’t relate to you. Oftentimes, when a Rotarian Executive Manager faces a problem and wants to discuss it with someone to seek their advice, they seek a network to reach out to. It’s possible their fellow Rotary club members can’t assist if there are few Executive Managers in the club.

With the time consuming responsibilities of being an Executive Manager, the absence of a professional network to share ideas with can lead people to leave Rotary. It’s also possible some Executive Managers may not even approach Rotary for professional networking if it lacks the opportunities for professional development they seek.

We want to invert this trend. Our goal is to improve the number of retained Executive Managers and Entrepreneurs within Rotary and motivate them to promote Rotary amongst their peers, creating a network for sharing professional experiences. Our purpose is to bring together Rotarians to share Executive Management interests, in turn creating an environment that will help retain and attract Executive Managers to Rotary.

As a recently recognized Rotary Fellowship, we will have in-person local meetings that will be broadcasted online so that others around the world can join us.  We aim to promote the Rotary philosophy by encouraging Executive Managers to use The Four-Way Test as an ethical code within their companies, and by encouraging youth mentorship. We also aim to support young entrepreneurs and managers with high personal and professional potential in their first steps in the corporate world to allow them to achieve a long, successful and ethical career.

If you are interested in joining our Rotarian Executive Managers Fellowship, please contact me!


The Rotarian Executive Managers Fellowship is one of more than 80 recognized Rotary Fellowships. Throughout the month of June, we’ve been celebrating Rotary Fellowships Month by sharing inspirational services stories from various Rotary Fellowships. We hope these stories inspire you to join or start a Rotary Fellowship.

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