Get inspired and make new friends at the Hamburg Convention

By Rotary Service and Engagement

If you’re joining us at the 2019 Rotary International Convention, 1-5 June in Hamburg, Germany you’ll hear inspirational speeches from keynote speakers, participate in a variety of service-related breakout sessions, and make new friends in the House of Friendship.

Preconvention events

  • Join leaders from around the world at the Rotary Peace Symposium held 31 May -1 June. Through the theme sustaining peace through partnership, attendees will explore how we can create peace in our communities and inspire others to take action. The event is open to Rotary members, Rotaractors, Interactors, peace fellows, and Rotary alumni and partners. Register today.
  • Discuss water and health with the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group and others at the 11th annual World Water Summit on 31 May. With high-profile, dynamic speakers, breakout sessions, and popular round table discussions, you’ll learn about achieving a lasting impact through water, sanitation and hygiene projects. Register today.

Make connections in the House of Friendship

Visit the House of Friendship to network with fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors and learn about Rotary Fellowships, Rotarian Action Groups, Rotary’s partners service projects, and much more. Download the Rotary Events app to find Rotary Fellowships and Rotarian Action Groups , then connect with the groups that share your interests and expertise.

Breakout sessions focus on service

The Rotary Convention also offers more than 90 breakout sessions 3-5 June, including:

  • Best Practices for Meaningful Rotary Friendship Exchanges: Rotary Friendship Exchanges provide valuable experiences to Rotarians around the world. District 2400, in southern Sweden, has participated in more than 50 friendship exchanges. In this session, you’ll learn tips for bringing similar success to your district.
  • How Intercountry Committees Can Facilitate Global Grants: Intercountry committees (ICCs) connect Rotarians around the world, promote peace, and facilitate global grants. Panelists will share their experiences to help you better understand the role of ICCs in clubs and inspire you to make your own connections.
  • Increase Rotary’s Impact and Reach through Rotary Community Corps: Rotary Community Corps (RCCs) are our non-Rotarian partners in service. Under the sponsorship of Rotary clubs, they plan, conduct, and support service projects to improve their communities. RCCs are a great way to enhance Rotary’s impact and reach around the world. Attend this session to learn how to establish RCCs and maximize the benefits of this partnership.
  • Revitalizing Communities in Partnership With Habitat: Rotarians work with Habitat for Humanity to provide safe and secure housing for our most vulnerable neighbors. Together, we also provide access to clean drinking water and help people develop skills that lead to greater economic opportunity. Learn about the Rotary and Habitat partnership, along with ways to get involved locally or globally.
  • The Power of Fellowships and Rotarian Action Groups: Explore how you can deepen engagement and build membership through Rotarian Action Groups (RAGs) and Rotary Fellowships. Our panel will discuss how RAGs and fellowships support projects, build networks, and provide leadership opportunities. We will also demonstrate how you can use My Rotary and social media to network with Rotarians worldwide who have similar interests and vocations.

Many Rotarian Action Groups will host informational sessions about their service initiatives, and they’ll teach you how to tap into their expertise and skills to take on similar projects in your community. Sessions will focus on microfinance and community development, maternal and family health, and peace.

Download the preliminary breakout session schedule and the Rotary Events app to get the full convention schedule, highlights, tips, and resources.

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