Sparking peace within your community

By the Rotarian Action Group for Peace (RAGFP)

The Rotarian Action Group for Peace (RAGFP) is a vital component of Rotary’s vision for global peace. We support a peace ecosystem that meets the needs of local communities by connecting them with global resources, tools, and Rotarians. By investing, designing, and implementing peace projects, we are able to create a sustainable impact.

RAGFP supports Rotarian-led peace projects that build bridges and bring people together from all walks of life for the common cause of peacebuilding. Below are examples of a few projects we’ve supported that are making a difference in communities around the world:








2018 Colombia Symposium: Following 50 years of armed conflict, Rotarians in Colombia are seeking to sustain their communities. In response to the post-conflict state of their nation, the Rotary Club of Bogota-Chapinero will be hosting the 2018 Colombia Symposium: Dialogue, Decisions, and Cooperation on 25-28 October, 2018. The symposium seeks to train up to 100 Colombian leaders especially emerging youth leaders, to prevent and mediate conflict. Additionally, ten Rotarians (including RAGFP board members) will act as “observers” who facilitate the implementation and development of the program.


Cyprus Peace Education Initiative: In 1960, the multi-ethnic state of Cyprus was established but the Turkish and Greek communities remained mostly segregated on the island, especially in the education sector. The Cyprus Peace Education Initiative, launched in 2017, aims to create a space for peaceful dialogue between Turkish and Greek Rotarians, academics and educators.The initiative offers projects and workshops that address challenges within the education system and allows for the peaceful and constructive integration of ideas. Learn more.


McMinnville Peace Village: The Rotary Club of McMinnville Sunrise in Oregon, USA organized a Peace Village Summer Day Camp, a project that teaches children about conflict prevention and resolution skills through music and art. The camp connected 74 local children with children in Africa, Jamaica, New York, India, and Kenya. The club aims to end hate and violence by empowering children, families, and communities by continuing to host workshops, school-based programs, and stand-up schools to teach children the specific skills on conflict resolution, empathy building and confronting racism.


Today, RAGFP is celebrating International Peace Day by encouraging our fellow Rotarians to spark peace within their communities worldwide. Your local Rotary club can take action by forming a Peacebuilder Club. Peacebuilder clubs play a vital role in sparking passion and a direction for peace within their own Rotary clubs, districts and communities. Learn how to become an active Peacebuilder Club or District.

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