Building Peace in the Middle East through water, sanitation, and hygiene

By Rotary Service Staff

Last month, Rotary District 2452 had the honor of hosting the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Presidential Peacebuilding Conference in Beirut, Lebanon.

For generations, access to water, one of the world’s most valuable commodities, has united and divided communities around the globe. The conference examined access to water, sanitation, and programs supporting the development of sound hygiene practices as peacebuilding agents. The Rotary family came together with community members, industry professionals, and government leaders to explore opportunities to improve relationships and mitigate conflict through water, sanitation, and hygiene initiatives in the Middle East.

Here is a glimpse of the 17 February Peacebuilding Conference.

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*Photos courtesy of PDG Jamil Mouawad and the Conference Host Organizing Committee

Watch video records and browse through Conference photos online.

Visit the Conference website for copies of presentations.

5 thoughts on “Building Peace in the Middle East through water, sanitation, and hygiene

  1. Are you familiar with one of Rotary’s newer professional fellowships. It is the International Fellowship of Rotarian Educators. However, one does NOT have to be an educator or work in the field of education to become a member-just have an interest in or a passion for education.

  2. Stunning and inspiring Conference! Rotarians did themselves once more! Congrats to the all of the team member for the considerable association, the remarkable visitor presentations, and the warm and fun cordiality in Lebanon.

  3. So inspiring and a wonderful Conference! Congrats to the all Rotarians for the splendid visitor presentations and peace building Conference in Lebanon. Thanks to all team members for the considerable association.

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