Celebrating Rotary’s commitment to creating a healthier world

By Rotary Service and Engagement Staff

400 million people in the world can’t afford or don’t have access to basic health care resulting in misery, pain, and poverty. Which is why Rotary members are devoted to fighting and preventing diseases. From setting up temporary clinics, blood donation centers, and training facilities in underserved communities to designing and building infrastructure allowing doctors, patients, and governments to work together, Rotary members take on efforts both large and small.

This December, Rotary Disease Treatment and Prevention Month, gain inspiration to take action to fight and prevent disease in your community by:

  • Supporting health education programs that explain how diseases are spread, and promoting ways to reduce the risk of transmission;
  • Partnering with medical institutions or ministries of health to help immunize people against infectious diseases;
  • Supporting continued education and training for health workers through scholarships, stipends, and public recognition;
  • Improving and expanding access to affordable health care in underserved areas.

Enhance your existing disease prevention and treatment projects

Expand your disease prevention and treatment project with guidance from a Rotarian Action Group! 16 of 26 Rotarian Action Groups (RAGs), which consult on  club and district-led humanitarian efforts, specialize in a concentration within disease prevention and treatment. Contact a RAG for help starting or expanding a project in your community, or for opportunities to support related international efforts.

Gain inspiration at the Disease Prevention and Treatment Presidential Peacebuilding Conference

Join the Rotary family, young leaders, community members, civic dignitaries, scholars, medical professionals, and university and business experts in the field of research for disease prevention and treatment for a one-day program in Coventry, United Kingdom, the weekend of 24 February, 2018.

The conference will explore how access to preventive health services and treatment of diseases helps foster peace and bring stability to communities. The program includes general and breakout sessions, with concurrent tracks for youth. Speakers include Lord Mayor of Coventry, Councilor Tony Skipper, Professor Joseph Valadez, Chair of International Public Health at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, and Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Laureate. Visit the event website for the full program and list of speakers.

How have you been celebrating Rotary Disease Prevention and Treatment Month? Leave a comment below and share your projects on Rotary Showcase. Join the Disease Prevention and Treatment Discussion Group on My Rotary to learn from experts and share ideas with fellow Rotarians!

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