Make new friends around the world

By Zuhal Sharp, Rotary Service and Engagement Staff

The International Fellowship of Draughts Playing Rotarians Rotary Fellowships provide a great way to make new friends around the world and enhance your Rotary experience. Currently there are more than 70 Rotary Fellowships. These are autonomous internationally organized groups of Rotarians, family members, program participants, and alumni who share a common passion.

As we wrap up the 2016 calendar year, we wanted to share some new fellowships that were recently recognized by the RI Board of Directors:

                        • Whisk(e)y Drinking Rotarians and Members (DRAM) offers opportunities to learn about Whisk(e)y, food pairings and other topics related to the appreciation of all whiskies produced worldwide. Visit their website or contact chair Terry Moore.
                        • The International Fellowship of Draughts Playing Rotarians fosters friendship among those who enjoy playing the game of draughts (checkers). The group plans to organize individual matches and team tournaments. They encourage Rotaractors and Interactors to join to develop skills that are useful in academic pursuits. Contact chair Bola Oyebade.
                        • Ethics Fellowship of Rotarians connects Rotarians interested in ethics; promotes ethics in all personal and professional interactions and in future generations. Join their group on Facebook or contact chair Sergio Levy.
                        • Table Tennis Fellowship of Rotarians attracts those interested in table tennis. Follow their Facebook page or contact chair Saadet Garan.
                        • The Russian Culture Worldwide Fellowship aims to connect those interested in Russian culture to promote cultural understanding, Russian literature, music, architecture, ballet, and support the study of Russian language. Contact chair Arthur Eckstein for more information.
                        • The International Fellowship of Rotarian Military Veterans will connect Veterans from all over the world and support Rotary’s Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution efforts.  Visit their website, or contact chair James C. Holloman.
                        • The Fellowship of Rotarian Genealogists (FORG) unites Rotarians with an interest in family history and genealogy. The group plans to exchange ideas on genealogical research, assist fellow Rotarians in their research, and promote understanding and peace through the demonstration of how people are part of a global family. Follow their  Facebook page or contact chair Lawrence Tristram. 

View a complete list of Rotary Fellowships or form a new one today!



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