Celebrating Rotary’s youngest leaders!

By Molly Friend, Rotary Programs for Young Leaders Staff

Youth Service recognizes the importance of empowering youth and young professionals through leadership development programs like Interact. Every year, Interact clubs take action to make a positive difference in their communities through service projects.

Join us as we celebrate 54 years of service and leadership through Interact! Now through 2 December, Rotary is accepting videos for the 8th annual Interact Video Awards. Below are five reasons you should encourage Interactors in your community to create a video showing how they have fun while making a difference:

1) Raise awareness

1Communities around the world face issues like homelessness, inequality, or climate change. By encouraging young people to use their voice through video, together you can help bring awareness to some of the world’s biggest challenges. Highlight how Interact clubs take action to support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to create a better future by 2030.

2) Help youth tap into their passions

2Motivate young leaders to discover a new way to use their skills and passion to make a positive impact in their school, community, and the world. Interactors may be actors, videographers, screenwriters, or set designers in the making. Help them use their talents for good!

3) Encourage collaboration

3Whether its gathering support from Rotary sponsors, club advisors, or fellow Interactors, opportunities for collaboration are everywhere. Encourage Interactors to connect with their community and see first-hand how working together can create a big impact.

4) Be heard

4Interact is a global community of nearly half a million young leaders—and they have power to change the world.  Empower them to share their story on a global scale.

5) Have fun

5Inspire the next generation to dream big, use their imagination, and consider what could happen if Interactors ruled the world!

All submissions are due by 2 December, 2016. Watch videos from the 2015 Interact Video Awards finalists and learn more about how Rotary supports young leaders through Interact.

 It’s World Interact Week now through 6 November! Here are a few ways to get involved:

  • Empower young people in your community to take action, become leaders, and gain a global perspective by sponsoring an Interact club.
  • Share how your club celebrates World Interact Week in partnership with your sponsored Interact clubs on our Interact Facebook page or in the comment section below.
  • Plan a joint service project with a sponsored Interact club and post it on Rotary Showcase so the world can see how you jointly create positive change.
  • Recognize your sponsored Interact club’s hard work. Complete a certificate of recognition to highlight the positive impact your Interact clubs have made.
  • Encourage your sponsored Interact clubs to achieve this year’s Presidential Citation!

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