Learn from area of focus experts in Rotary discussion groups

By Chelsea Mertz, Rotary Service Connections Staff

Rotary discussion groups offer a place for Rotarians, Rotaractors, Rotary Peace Fellows, and alumni to share their experiences and ideas with members of the Rotary family from around the world.

We invited experts from the Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers, a group of volunteer Rotarians who provide technical expertise and advice to Rotarians planning and carrying out Rotary projects, to moderate the area of focus discussion groups from 1 July until 30 September. Whether you are looking to pursue a global grant, or learn how to do a community assessment, our experts are here to answer your questions and guide discussions on the most pertinent topics.

Meet our moderators and click the link join the conversation:

Basic Education and Literacy (BEL)

  • PDG Sylvia Byers (Rotary Club of Mosman Park-Cottesloe, Australia) is an educator currently involved in using technology to provide education to struggling students of all ages in isolated areas. She specializes in using a collaborative problem solving approach to involve and provide support to students, their parents and school community.
  • Eugene Medina (Rotary Club of Tucson Sunset, United States) is a former teacher, curriculum specialist, and superintendent. He specializes in instructional program development, implementation and evaluation, and teacher leadership training.

Disease Prevention and Treatment (DPT)

  • DGE Dr. Adewale Ogunbadejo (Rotary Club of Gbagada South, Nigeria) has served as a medical doctor since 1982. He initially worked in the public sector before opening a multi-specialty private practice in Lagos, Nigeria in 1990. He has been involved in disease prevention and treatment projects within his club and district, serving as a project-writer and executor.
  • PDG Dr. Babu Chacko (Rotary Club of Kottayam, India) is a medical doctor with post-graduate qualification in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

Maternal and Child Health (MCH)

  • PDG Dr. Rajindar Singh (Rotary Club of Teluk Intan, Malaysia – District 3300) has worked as a consultant obstetrician and gynecologist since 1985. He has served as the District Rotary Foundation Chair and Rotary Public Image Coordinator for Zone 6B. He is currently the secretary of the International Fellowship of Rotarian Doctors.
  • PDG Dr. Himansu Basu (Rotary Club of Northfleet with Ebbsfleet, United Kingdom) is a retired obstetrician gynecologist with 35 years of experience as a practicing specialist, teacher trainer and examiner.

Water and Sanitation (WAS)

  • Moses Musiitwa (Rotary Club of Kyambogo-Kampala, Uganda) is a chemical engineer who specializes in applied chemistry. His focus is on integrated water resources management. He is an active member of the Society of African Ground Water Specialists and has served as a water and sanitation cadre expert for the last 18 months.
  • Robert Wubbena (Rotary Club of Olympia, United States) is a retired engineer with over 45 years of experience working with water resources, including waste water, long term utility funding, design, construction and operational experience throughout North America. He has traveled to over 50 countries performing WASH work.

Economic and Community Development (ECD)

  • Jean Manirere (Rotary Club of Musanze Murera, Rwanda) is a professor of Agriculture and Sustainable Economic Development with extensive experience with community farming and the current challenges of food security in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Cecelia Babkirk (Rotary Club of Cupertino, United States) is a Mortgage Banker with 42 years of experience in mortgage lending, bank formation and accounting.  It is a natural extension that her Rotary specialty is micro finance, though her interests extend to the wider field of economic and community development and the ripple effect that a great ECD project can have.

All discussion groups can be found in My Rotary (must be signed in to access). Join an existing group or start a new one today!



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