How to make the most of your Rotary membership?

By Azka Asif, Rotary Service Connections Staff

August is Membership Month, a time to celebrate your club, your members, and the good you do in your community and around the world. Many Rotarians join Rotary to give back locally and globally. Rotary allows members to make a difference while building friendships and fostering international understanding.

We offer many programs that allow you to engage with fellow members and make new connections outside your club and district. Here are just a few ways you can get more involved:

Rotary Friendship Exchange

Through the Rotary Friendship Exchange program, you can discover new cultures and make new friends from all over the world. Read the exchange stories below to learn more about the program and contact your district’s Friendship Exchange Chair to get involved:

Rotary Fellowships

By joining a Rotary Fellowship, you can share your passions and hobbies with fellow Rotarians. Get a glimpse of just some of the activities undertaken by fellowships:

Rotarian Action Groups

Collaborate with subject matter experts from a Rotarian Action Group or lend expertise to empower Rotary members to make their service projects more impactful. Read about the activities and projects action groups have undertaken:

Rotary Community Corps

By sponsoring a Rotary Community Corps (RCC) you can enhance community engagement and ensure project sustainability by positioning local leaders to pioneer change. Read how RCCs are making a difference:

Avenues of Service

The Avenues of Service are part of the guiding principles of Rotary and the foundation of club activity.

How is your club and district celebrating membership month? Leave a comment below on what programs and activities keep your members engaged and excited to be a part of Rotary!

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