Are you ready to make a global impact?

By Azka Asif, Rotary Service Connections Staff

International service opportunities allow members to make new friends around the world while empowering a community in need. What is one way to dive into international service? By attending a project fair! Project fairs are the perfect way to make a global impact.

2015 West Africa Project FairProject fairs are regionally hosted events encouraging international service and collaboration. Fairs provide life-changing opportunities for attendees to learn about the host region, make new friends, and connect with clubs in need of international partners. Fairs highlight club and district projects while helping attendees gain a better understanding of the local communities’ most pressing needs.

Consider attending one of these upcoming fairs to immerse yourself in international service:

Any club representative or Rotary member interested in supporting an international service project can attend a fair. Project fairs give visitors the chance to develop a relationship with Rotary members in another part of the world and see firsthand how a community would benefit from an international collaboration.

If clubs in your district are looking for international project partners, contact your district leadership about hosting a local project fair. Write to the Rotary Service Connections team with any questions!



7 thoughts on “Are you ready to make a global impact?

  1. I attended the West African project fair in Abidjan last year. It was an amazing experience. I would urge all Rotarians to attend one of the project fairs listed here.

  2. Thisis gorgeously toasting Rotary as a service corganisation to the world,It’s makes impact dimension very challenging yet very involving for Rotary leaders and interested Rotarians representing clubs needing international partners I WIl brief my club and allied supervisors in the District 9125 & the southwest zone.

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