Ethical dilemma discussion: what do you do?

A member from your club made a new Rotarian friend from abroad at the Rotary Convention and now is excited about the prospect of hosting this friend. Your fellow member wants to use club funds to sponsor that trip. Although the trip won’t be linked to a club program or activity, the visitor would attend club meetings and help with the club’s ongoing projects. Your fellow member wants her guest to experience and understand your country’s culture and values. She’d like other members to take the visitor out for lunches and dinners and to see tourist attractions. But you’re not comfortable using club funds for the visitor’s trip because you don’t see the value for your club. What do you do?

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6 thoughts on “Ethical dilemma discussion: what do you do?

  1. I don’t see an ethical dilemma here at all. An individual club member can’t use club funds unless the money has been budgeted and earmarked for that purpose, and that member has discretionary use of the funds. Typically, the club president may have a certain amount of money in a “president’s fund” that he or she can spend for club-related purposes without authorization from the Board, but anything else would require Board approval. If the Board approves an expenditure outside the budget, then it only remains to secure funding. If the Board doesn’t approve, then it’s out of the member’s – and club’s – hands.

  2. not easy to make a decision in both ways. ıf hosting club has a budget with this connection ,guest expenses can be obtained from the budget. As alternative guest may ask a budget from his/her club to provide partly.

  3. I would not have any doubt on the subject. If a club member can use Club’s funds to host a personal guest, even though this guest will probably later on contribute with Club projects, all members could ask in the future to do the same. Rotarians are volunteers, and on the contrary, Rotarians from abroad use to contribute to the visited Club’s programs, and prospective club members or benefactors visit the club but have not to be paid for that.

  4. In my own suggestion,the club should go on free will donation by asking individual to contribute by our classification example we have TRAVEL AGENTS as a member,the ticket is taking care of then we have Hotelier ,the accommodation is taking care too.Then we look at Transportation /Logistics member is taking care also.And others can support with financial assistant without touching the club funds.

  5. There’s no one right answer to this, as each club has its own set of values. What would pass the 4 Way Test in one club might fail in another. Depending on the club’s bylaws, the choice would be up to the board’s vote, yea or nay.

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