Presidential Citation celebrates vibrant clubs

By Cate Sauer, Rotary Programs staff

Rotary’s distinguishing attributes include our dedication to honoring our history while continuing to evolve with modern advancements, respond to new trends, and capitalize off innovative opportunities. One of our long-standing traditions includes the RI President’s annual Presidential Citation, an inspirational roadmap of goals which guide our club and district efforts towards larger strategic priorities.

Over the past five years, more than one third of Rotary, Rotaract, and Interact clubs around the world have heeded the President’s annual challenge and earned the Presidential Citation recognition. This year, President K.R. Ravindran’s Citation challenges clubs and districts to quantify our impact as we nurture robust clubs and district by increasing our focus on membership growth and retention, The Rotary Foundation giving, humanitarian service and enhance our public image at home and abroad. This year’s Citation is more difficult to achieve, and is crafted to help strengthen and promote our growth as clubs, districts, and as Rotary.

Is your club on track to achieve the 2015-16 Presidential Citation? Check your club’s progress towards this year’s Presidential Citation and consider the following ideas to help achieve some of the newer goals:

Online Tool Adoption

  • Quickly access Rotary news and resources through My Rotary. Register for an account in a few simple steps.
  • Share how your club improves your community by adding a completed project to Rotary Showcase.

Humanitarian Service

  • Advise on club and district service projects related to your vocational expertise by joining a Rotarian Action Group (RAG). Remind your club to report your RAG membership through Rotary Club Central.
  • Engage local stakeholders in a community project by organizing a Rotary Community Corps to formalize a project partnership with local residents who are not Rotary members. RCCs can help your club assess a community, mobilize involvement in a project, assist with implementation, and oversee an initiative for years to come.

Public Image

  • Visit Rotary’s brand center for interactive, customizable logo templates, brochure and presentation templates, and Rotary’s comprehensive voice and visual identity guidelines. Remember to update your club’s website, social media pages, and printed materials with your new look and report your progress through Rotary Club Central.

By leveraging the many resources made available to us through the Rotary network, we exponentially increase the impact of our gifts to the world. Don’t forget to report your progress through Rotary Club Central or as otherwise indicated on the Citation.

Remember, Rotary, Rotaract, and Interact club citations are due in April! Contact with any questions.


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