Immerse yourself in international service by attending the Uniendo America Project Fair

By Wendy Ayestas, District 4250; Chair of the Uniendo America Project Fair 2016

Projects fairs are the basis of new relationships for Rotary clubs engaged in helping their communities develop and cover basic needs that have not yet been met. Imagine communities with schools lacking learning materials, hungry and shoeless students walking miles to attend school, babies dying because their mothers did not have access to prenatal or postnatal care, communities without toilets or sewer systems or potable water, and adults without jobs or access to funds to start their own business or grow crops. We can help our neighbors by taking action, building partnerships, and sponsoring international project presented at a project fair.

Project fairs are the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in international service. After all, this is what we look for when we join Rotary: opportunity for service through friendship!

The 2016 Uniendo America Project Fair will be held in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on 28-30 January.  Representatives from seven Central American countries (Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador and Honduras) will come together  to showcase projects in all six areas of focus, presenting opportunities for our international friends to serve as partners in grants or support projects directly.


What will the fair consist of?

The project fair will kick off with a welcome dinner, the foundation for making new friends and reconnecting with old ones. We will have a day dedicated to presentations from host clubs about their new projects and their achievements with projects they have completed. We’ll also have engaging discussions about Rotary’s areas of focus with regional project examples.

We will enjoy an afternoon of light tourism in the beautiful and quirky little city of Valle de Angeles, 30 minutes from Tegucigalpa, where visitors can explore the town, taste local cuisine, shop at craft shops, get your portrait done, check out local artisans at work and much more.

How will the fair benefit those attending?

For international visitors, the fair will bring new ideas and partnerships for projects. You will get to know and feel the culture of each club and decide who to work with. You will also see firsthand local community priorities. For the host clubs, the fair provides an opportunity to present their clubs’ projects to other Rotarians who would otherwise never hear about them. Both international and host attendees will make new friends that will last a lifetime while giving back to those in need. This experience will transform your way of thinking and the way you look at Rotary. You will find many opportunities to get involved and Be a Gift to the World!

Event information and registration is available online.



6 thoughts on “Immerse yourself in international service by attending the Uniendo America Project Fair

    1. Dear Rotarian Peter,

      Have you been able to attend the West Africa Project Fair? It was held in November 2015 in Abidjan. The 2016 West Africa Project Fair will be hosted 19-26 October in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Please let us know if you would like more information!


    As a volunteer with ONE VILLAGE UGANDA organisation, situated in south-western Uganda, you will work in one of Uganda’s poorest regions. where quality education, poor modernization of agriculture, poor health and climate change with its challenges welcome you.

    At the schools/communities volunteers mainly assist with teaching English, agrienterprises but also with other subjects. At the preschool volunteers play an important part with assisting in the children’s play time and activities. A volunteers showing their own initiative is always appreciated and often makes a big difference for the people who need help and the people who run the project. Volunteers with initiative and a great attitude are like gold and are incredibly valuable to the project.

    There is also opportunity to work with:

    Construction and renovation
    Marketing and Social Media
    Gardening and agriculture
    And many more

    2 WEEKS $980
    3 WEEKS $1150
    4 WEEKS $1360
    6 WEEKS $1790
    8 WEEKS $2120
    12 WEEKS $2720

    Contact Herbert Kajoki for details on
    Thank you.

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