Ethical dilemma discussion: what would you do?

According to survey results and a discussion at the start of the Rotary year, the majority of your fellow club members are very interested in partnering with local organizations that offer hands-on volunteer opportunities for club members and their families. As this years’ service chair, you have worked very hard to secure speakers who can offer flexible service opportunities throughout your community. Although club members have received each monthly speaker with great enthusiasm, very few have signed up for the volunteering opportunities. How do you encourage participation while respecting members’ time?

4 thoughts on “Ethical dilemma discussion: what would you do?

  1. We are a Service Organization that does community service. Volunteering is what we do. Maybe a club discussion should be on the agenda on Club Assembly meetings?
    I don’t think is all about time restraints is is about the reason why people are members.

  2. It’s not always about time, it’s about energy, physical and the aging membership. I am a hands on person, but not everyone is wanting that kind of volunteering. I have been trying very hard to offer lots of activities, but without much success. The younger, more energetic group is busy making their way in the business world and tries to squeeze volunteering into their life. The Milleniall Affect. I have sent out surveys with only a 10% response….so I am having a dillema, not sure that the situation is solvable for our Club. Those activities we used to do, are still wanted to be on the agenda, but participation is mental- big Rutt!

  3. Very very true.I have tried the same,but somehow even the most educated people have other interests than volenteering to clean the beech for example or to do any other volenteering job, unless there is something there for them, such as money or equiveland to that.

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