Rotary Fellowships’ annual activities support polio eradication efforts

By Ellina Kushnir, RI Programs staff

Besides organizing projects related to their hobbies and recreational activities, many Rotary Fellowships demonstrate their commitment Service Above Self by supporting Rotary’s efforts to help eradicate polio. From championships and competitions to auctions and raffles, Rotary Fellowships incorporate fundraisers into their annual activities to raise funds for the PolioPlus campaign:

MarathonersInternational Marathon Fellowship of Rotarians
Every year, the avid runners participate as a group in a renowned marathon. This past April, more than 100 Rotarians and their friends joined more than 50,000 participants to run the Paris Marathon. The Fellowship organized an entire weekend of activities from a pasta and wine evening to an evening celebrating the groups 10th anniversary in the city where it first originated. Through the run, €4,000 EUR were donated by the Fellowship to Rotary’s PolioPlus fund.

The group will be running in the Budapest Marathon next October. Long and short distance runners are welcome to join.

QuiltersRotarian Fellowship of Quilters and Fiber Artists
Every year, the Quilters and Fiber Artists Fellowship displays and exchanges handmade goods donated by their members from around the world in the House of Friendship at the RI Convention. Last year at the RI Convention in Sydney, the group raised nearly $7,000.00 USD for PolioPlus.

International Fellowship of Rotarian Convention Goers
Vivid Sydney 2014
Last year at the RI Convention in Sydney, the dedicated group of convention goers hosted its annual “Rotary Reunion Banquet” where they helped raise more than $2,400 USD for the PolioPlus fund. The banquet was held aboard the “Sydney 2000” cruise ship which sailed the harbor during Vivid Sydney as it brought together hundreds of Rotarians from all over the world.

Wine Appreciation_3Rotary Wine Appreciation Fellowship
Thanks to a 2-to-1 match from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the group of wine aficionados raised $30,000 USD for the PolioPlus campaign with a raffle and auction at the 2014 RI Convention in Sydney.


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