Rotary Community Corps of Parker celebrates five years of service and fellowship

By Kam Breitenbach, Rotary Club of Parker, CO, USA, and Rotary Community Corps (RCC) of Parker advisor

Do you like to have fun, laugh, volunteer and eat with friends? I certainly do! Today, 20 January, the Rotary Community Corps (RCC) of Parker celebrates five years of friendship, fellowship, and service. This group is different from most others; it is designed for both community volunteers and teens and adults with developmental disabilities.

As an advisor for the RCC of Parker and a member of the Rotary Club of Parker, I am very proud of our RCC members. They are positive, happy, caring, loving, and hardworking. They set an example for our community. Let me show you all we have accomplished this past year:

  • RCC Back Packs!Purchased backpacks and school supplies through a grant from District 5450’s District Designated Fund (DDF). RCC of Parker and Rotary Club of Parker members worked together to assemble 75 bags for distribution at Parker Task Force, a local food bank.
  • Sponsored PROM-Us and Homecoming Dances for the special needs community. It was an evening to dress up and feel special in a safe environment with friends. The Parker United Methodist Church offered space, Rotary and community volunteers set up for the amazing evenings of dinner and dancing. 92 special need teens and adults danced the night away to music from their favorite DJs.
  • Books? What if I can’t read? This is not a problem for the RCC members. Volunteers read out loud while interested members listen to the story. It takes four to five weeks to finish a book and then we have a pot luck dinner. I think some of the members come just for the potluck!
  • Cameras! Action! Did you ever want to make a video to tell about yourself and what you like to do? The RCC of Parker went to the public library and made their own video!
  • DSCF0052What’s the best thing about Christmas? For RCC of Parker members, it means Adopt A Family night for the Parker Task Force! This year we adopted two families, divided into eight groups and were turned loose in the local Walmart store. Each of our groups had the name of a family member, their age, and a budget. After paying for their gifts, RCC members and parent helpers wrapped all the gifts.

Want to learn more about us? We wrote our second book Messages and Recipes from the Rotary Community Corps of Parker. Books are available for a US $20.00 donation (postage included). All proceeds go to further the Rotary Community Corps projects. Contact Kam Breitenbach.

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Rotary Community Corps are teams of men and women organized with the help of a sponsoring Rotary club to take action and improve their communities. RCCs empower their members to play an active and ongoing role in identifying and addressing their community’s needs. And they provide local leadership and sustainability to ensure that projects succeed. Learn more about Rotary Community Corps.

6 thoughts on “Rotary Community Corps of Parker celebrates five years of service and fellowship

    1. Hi Tim. Yes, this is a group for Developmentally Disabled teens and adults. We have 52 members, meet once a moth for a dinner meeting and do community service projects. I put together a manual on how we set up our club and would be happy to share that with you.

  1. Yes. This group if for special needs or Developmentally Disabled and our members are 16 – 43. The have various levels of disabilities and the higher functioning help the lower functioning and they work together very well. Kam

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