Rotary’s Fellowships: Saving our History, Serving the World

By Jesse Davis, Rotary Grants staff

Rotary FellowshipsWith June coming to a close, we hope you enjoyed our selection of unique stories from different Rotary Fellowships about the service activities they undertake, enhanced by their member’s shared interests and expertise.

As we have seen throughout the month, service comes in a variety of formats. In some cases it is filtered through a shared vocation, as evidenced by the Yachting and Flying Fellowships, while other times it is closely aligned with Rotary’s Areas of Focus, as the case with the International Fellowship of Rotarian Doctor’s program, CALMED.

Mayford painting of Comely Bank, the home of Paul and Jean Harris.
Mayford painting of Comely Bank, the home of Paul and Jean Harris.

While Rotary channels our commitment to service at home and abroad through its Guiding Principles, there is still room for interpretation, and to that effect, some Rotary Fellowships approach service initiatives by preserving and promoting the legacy and history of our organization. The Rotary Heritage and History Fellowshipand the Rotary Global History Fellowship serve Rotary by helping save, share, and above all promote the significant legacies, artifacts and history. From the smallest details about a Rotary club to the some of RI’s most important historical sites, these two Fellowships help to ensure that Rotary’s legacy is not forgotten.

On the one hand, the Rotary Heritage and History Fellowship works to advocate and promote the important history of Rotary International by focusing on physical artifacts and  significant sites. Besides playing a role in preserving the important Room 711 of the Unity Building in Chicago (which was recently reassembled and opened to visitors at  the RI World Headquarters),  the Fellowship has been instrumental in trying to save Comely Bank, the home of Paul and Jean Harris.

Rotarian Dick Galitz, president of the 711 Club, explores the rededicated Room 711 on the first floor of RI World Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois, USA. Alyce Henson/Rotary International
Rotarian Dick Galitz, president of the 711 Club, explores the rededicated Room 711 on the first floor of RI World Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois, USA. Alyce Henson/Rotary International

While similar in orientation, the Rotary Global History Fellowship focuses on accumulating, preserving, and most importantly sharing the complete history, values, and philosophy of the Rotary movement. Their website(s) now maintain thousands of articles, essays, speeches and other information that date back to the organization’s founding, and they actively encourage members to contribute, maintain and complete the histories of the organization as a shared responsibility.

Regardless of how Rotary Fellowships approach service under their respective domains, they are foremost about engaging member’s passions, interests and vocations – energy that can translate into impactful, sustainable service initiatives.

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7 thoughts on “Rotary’s Fellowships: Saving our History, Serving the World

  1. thank the boundless yet informed liberty afforded by Rotary founders and their survivors who thought it culturally wealthier and inspiring I to the centuries to initiate not jonly Rotary s global History but to permit Another felrvent fellowship of Fotary s Heritage & History,I love the duo or agai I should say I love the atmosphere of freedom to preserve & promote Rotaru shistory beyond goodness – equally exciting and catalytic is how did it start and which type of beings are supportive of the seed sgermknation and fruitfulness till date in Kherson 111 years of functional fun& fellowship More to say but my poor iPad power is failing

  2. Imagine the picture of. The world poor or needlessly poor communities WITHOUT TRF projects and service projects of RCS globally

  3. In a symposium to commemorate the 1st Public Health ngineer & Professor in Africa Sir Engr Paul Oluwande penultimate Thursday – kindly invited by my ex teacher at PSM dept Prof MKC STRIDHAR an environmental emeritus prof – I asked during the comments session
    WHY AREN’T there toilets? What arent water supplies to the. Community?
    Have you asked for budget performance – usually lamentably below 45 or 50% since the 1999 democracy years till the hoped for change year ? Have you asked the a bettors and managers of our funds?
    greed and ethics – are they bedfellows?
    isn’t Rotary very much inured for a purpose of performance and implementation of whatever projectsare jointly designed to be done anywhere a Rc exists functionally ?
    Kudos to Rotary s code of conduct for ethical performance always
    Kudos to conscience and accountability and genuine concern for humanity and basic amenities essential for effective living
    How else shall we write history of modernity and say bad he to archaic standard- without Rotarian values ?

  4. with modesty but with much compassion for under productivity of helpless youths and marginalized adults including my humble self when will ROtary consider intervening in Nigeria s long overdue poor power production issue! It’s a monster just like a cankerworm delaying our true bloom to efficiency & creativity Believe me only few Nigerians are pathologically lazy Imagine Prod Jide Osuntokuns quote in 2013 during Splashfm s 7th anniversary guest lecture that Lagos GDP alone was ore than the whole of Kenya – what if there s stable grid light A it will be fantastic beyond measure

  5. More frankly a few half hour light came this morning after a month ! Despite all bills painful today’s I quickly increased this iPad & other devices and pressed barely 2 dresses and it was off soonest beforefi ishing ! ImGineyou have.lts of stewardship productions to do for any fellowships- secular & spiritual )and manuscripts to edit and new tech oughts and ideas to develop – no power ! Hetpast& new budget have been hugeenougeenough to show result or promise solutionHope the dunes 2016 budget will tackle this needless problem
    amen in the ethical parlance which are rooted in divine righteousness expected of all of us in handling public earthly grants selflessness and do thrright thing as Otarians will expect for time past

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